WPA Committee Meeting held on Thursday 14 February 2013
at the Kapiti Pétanque Club


Kevin McFadgen

Club Delegates


Bob McCarthy (Otaki), Kaye Alison, Beverley Mason (Kapiti), Bob Horton (Upper Hutt).


Margret Fleck (Hataitai)

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting held 8 November 2012 were taken as read. Acceptance proposed by Kevin McFadgen, seconded by Claire Bradburn. Carried.

Matters Arising

The Financial Report is not to be handed out at the meeting but to be placed on the Forum prior to the meeting for the perusal of delegates. Claire will provide Michael with a list of those who would like to receive the report by email.





Treasurer's Report

Report submitted by Michael Rocks via the Forum.

The Shooting Kits have now arrived from Thailand at a cost of $800 for two. Discussion on when to hold shooting competitions. No date decided at this stage. It was stated that umpires should be involved in this.

Clubs are reminded that new members should be licensed with the WPA as they join a club. Notification should be sent to the Treasurer with the appropriate fee.

Tournament Subcommittee

Graeme Morris reported that the calendar to the end of December will be issued shortly.

Graeme proposed that the Tri-Star tournament be held on the weekend of 16/17 March 2013. Seconded by Claire Bradburn. Carried.

Graeme then moved that Richard Turfrey be appointed as coach. Seconded by Margaret Mordecai. Carried.

Although Southern have withdrawn this year, Bay of Plenty have proven willing to fill the gap, so the tournament will be between Wellington, Bay of Plenty and Canterbury. Selectors will be Richard, Graeme and one other. The venue will be either Kapiti or Otaki.


No umpires' representative present.

General Business

Representative shirts

Kevin McFadgen proposed that we no longer have the word SENIOR on representative shirts. Seconded by Claire Bradburn. Carried. Current shirts will continue to be worn and will be replaces as they wear out.

Claire Bradburn requested reimbursement for the two replacement representative shirts she paid for. Seconded by Richard Turfrey. Carried

Steve Frampton's email

Approaches to the WPA should be made through the Club Delegate. The secretary is to prepare and send a reply to Steve re his queries.

Representative Selection

Two papers were presented regarding methods for representative selection, one from Graeme and one from Kevin. As both have similar ideas, Kevin agreed to taken the papers away and combine them into one document. This will then be issued to Clubs for discussion.

Travel Fund

A reminder to the President that he was to look at the Travel Fund according to the minutes of August 2012.


Claire Bradburn asked Michael Rocks why the WPA has appeared on Twitter. Michael stated that this is a useful way of getting publicity for the sport. Beverly Mason then proposed that the actions of the Treasurer in registering the Association on Twitter be approved. Seconded by Claire Bradburn. Carried.


There was some discussion around the hosting of the Chanticleer Cup for 2013 and Kevin McFadgen proposed that Wanganui East be the host for this event. Seconded by Margaret Mordecai. Carried. Richard Turfrey was then nominated to negotiate a suitable date with Auckland.

Meeting closed at 9:45 pm. Next meeting is 11 April 2013 at Silverstream at 7:30 pm.

The draw for the Jacques Cochinnet Trophy then took place and is now available on the website.

Colleen Horton