WPA Committee Meeting held on Saturday 24 September 2011
at the Horowhenua Pétanque Club

Club Delegates


Kath Alison (Kapiti), Kaye Alison (Kapiti), Jack Gazzard (Umpires), Sharon Cannon (Windy Hills), Shirley Peard (Horowhenua), Lynne Teddy (Horowhenua), Enoka Smiler (Park Avenue), Barbara Johnston (Masterton), Yvonne Futcher (Wanganui East), Richard Lawson (Hataitai), Peter Dennett (Hataitai)


Colleen Horton (Upper Hutt), Tommy Werry (Park Avenue), Dirk Winnie (Park Avenue)

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting held 1 September were taken as read.

Matters Arising





Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer gave a verbal report as there had been minimal activity since the last meeting three weeks ago.

Silverstream had paid their outstanding affiliation fee within the seven day grace period granted at the last meeting. Hataitai's return was received on 19 September and not all members have affiliated. Total affiliated members across the twelve clubs have decreased by 10% since the last return 18 months ago.

General Business

Regional Championship format

After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that two day Regional Championships would also include a single day subsidiary tournament on the Sunday for those players unable to commit to two days. Teams who failed to qualify for the Championship/Plate round at the conclusion of Saturday’s qualifying games would have the option of continuing in the subsidiary tournament.

Until a more meaningful name is found, the subsidiary event shall be called the Day Two tournament. The entry fee for the Day Two tournament will be $5 per player. Teams that entered the Regional Championship and did not qualify for the Championship/Plate round will not have to pay an entry fee to take part in the Day Two tournament.

Moved by Kaye Alison and seconded by Margaret Mordecai.

Regional Selection process

The President gave a brief background to the Regional Selection process. There are four annual inter-region matches.

To gain selection for one of the teams, a player must first contact the Regional Selector/Coach, Dirk Winnie, and register their interest. The Regional Seeding list is used as guide for determining the team, but the final selection is made by Dirk.

Two issues were identified by the meeting: how the selection process is publicised; and, the transparency of selections.

The next match is the Open Tri-Star in late November followed by the Haines Cup in early December. Graeme Morris agreed to take responsibility for ensuring that the process was publicised. He also agreed to talk to Dirk about adapting the National Selection process for the Regional Selection process.

Hataitai Affiliation

Peter Dennett and Richard Lawson detailed the current status of the Hataitai club and after answering questions left the meeting to allow the delegates to debate the matter.

It was agreed that the preference is for either an independent club, or a defined pétanque section of an organisation, to affiliate to the WPA. Having individual members of a club affiliate was not acceptable.

Hataitai members to be given a dispensation until the next WPA AGM to play in WPA events. This is to allow the club resolve their status. Moved Kevin McFadgen, seconded Enoka Smiler. Carried.

A letter is to be written to the Hataitai Community Centre to outline the WPA requirements.

That Hataitai be removed from this round of the Jacques Cochonnet. Moved Richard Turfrey, seconded Monica Smiler. Carried. This confirms the decision made at the 1 September meeting regarding payment of affiliation fees in order to take part in the competition.

The meeting closed at 4:05 pm.

Michael Rocks
Acting Minutes Secretary