WPA Committee Meeting held on Thursday 1 September 2011
at the Silverstream Pétanque Club at 7:30 pm

Club Delegates


Kath and Kay Alison (Kapiti), Barbara Nicholls (Park Avenue), Barry Chandler (Silverstream), Dirk Winnie (Park Avenue), Jack Gazzard (Umpire's rep)


Margaret Mordecai (Otaki), Liz Rocks (Khandallah), Kevin McFadgen (Kapiti)

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting held 21 July were taken as read. Acceptance moved by Claire Bradburn, seconded Tommy Werry.

Matters Arising





Treasurer's Report

Financial report presented by Michael. There has been little activity over the winter season. Membership returns and affiliation fees have been presented by all Clubs except Silverstream and Hataitai.

The Secretary was asked to contact these two Clubs and give them seven days to submit the necessary papers.

Colleen Horton moved that the report be accepted. Seconded Graeme Morris. Carried.

Tournament Subcommittee

The set of proposals regarding the Tournament Organisation for the 2011-2013 seasons which was distributed prior to the meeting for discussion was presented. The proposals were all passed bar one. This was the proposal that “The host club for champion of champion events will not be allocated a tournament host fee” This was a 3 for 3 against vote so the status quo remains.

Anyone wishing to have further information on the proposals may contact the Secretary.

Umpire's report

Presented by Jack Gazzard. Moved by Tommy Werry/Claire Bradburn.

Jack reported that due to other commitments, Steve Frampton has requested that he be removed from the register of Umpires.

Jack also requested that tournament organisers requiring umpires make their requests as early as possible

General Business

Pointing and shooting competitions

The WPA has decided that these competitions will be held regionally in the future and now would like to hear from anyone interested in organising them on behalf of the region. An email will be sent to the Clubs asking for volunteers.

WPA Forum

Email received from Liz Rocks re the WPA Forum. Originally set up for the betterment of Pétanque, not to be used to have a snipe at others. The President proposed that he will place an item on the Forum pointing out the rules around its use. Seconded by Tommy Werry.

WPA website

Dirk Winnie acknowledged the work Michael has done with the WPA website. After discussion it was decided that the Webmaster put team results only on the front page and individual scores will be recorded in the archive. Richard suggested that the link directly from the front page be stopped.

Dirk Winnie would like to record his pride in the Wellington team at the recent Senior Tri-Star Tournament in Dunedin. Feels the Wellington played well together and this is a great strength.

WPA Forum. Michael stated that the forum is not being well used. Some clubs have not even registered. Do we want it to continue? Needs to be discussed.

Chanticleer Trophy event

Richard expressed his disappointment when he asked some people to assist with transport for the Auckland team from Wellington to Paraparaumu. The APA did contribute towards the cost of petrol. The Kapiti Club did an awesome job catering for the weekend. Pete the Pieman also contributed with a large cookup. A proposal was put by Richard that reimbursement be made for the catering and petrol costs for those who helped with transport. Seconded by Michael. Colleen to send letters and cheques to those concerned.

Rep grants

This subject is to be placed on the Forum for discussion.

The meeting closed at 10:20 pm and was followed by the draw for Round 16 of the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy.

Please note: The President has requested that the next meeting be held at Kapiti Club on Saturday September 24th 2011 at the conclusion of day one of the WPA Regional Singles. This is in the hope that delegates from Clubs that are normally unable to attend evening meetings, may be able to attend.

Colleen Horton