WPA Committee Meeting held on Thursday 24 September 2009
at the Kapiti Pétanque Club at 7:30 pm


Claire Bradburn (Chair), Fay Doyle (Acting Secretary)/Margret Fleck (Secretary)
Hataitai - Margret Fleck
Horowhenua - Carleen Fitzgerald, Shirley Peard
Kapiti - Kath Alison, Kaye Alison, Fay Doyle, Linda Gazzard, Peter Williams
Khandallah - Michael Rocks
Manawatu - Steve Frampton
Masterton - see apologies
Otaki - Margaret Mordecai, Dick Patston
Park Avenue - Enoka Smiler
Silverstream - Claire Bradburn
Upper Hutt - Bob Horton, Colleen Horton
Wanganui East - Richard Turfrey
Windy Hills - Myles Cowper
Umpires' Representative - Gwen Hill


Ralph Priddle (Masterton). That apologies be accepted, moved P Williams, seconded R Turfrey. Carried.

Confirmation of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting on 25 June 2009 were taken as read and approved with the following ammendment:

Moved G Hill, seconded L Gazzard. Carried.




Financial Report

Claire Bradburn lead discussion on the production of a simplified account report from the Treasurer. Michael Rocks responded and raised the issue of $200 acccount from Cooks Super Trophies for outstanding engraving related to the Jacques Cochennet (JC) trophy. Further discussion as to why the costs had occurred with Michael pointing out that engraving was up to date when the trophy left Khandallah's hands.

Noted - clubs responsibility to engrave JC trophy.

Noted - Michael would like clubs to pay their share of the engraving costs.

Action point: Claire to follow-up with Park Ave regarding examining JC trophy to check number of clubs engraved.

Further discussion regarding the costs to engrave JC trophy.

Action point: Claire Bradburn to follow-up regarding appropriate level of costs

Michael Rocks raised items for payment, including terrain hire and meeting room hire. These are to be pay as you go rather than at the end of year. Moved Richard Turfrey/Margaret Mordecai.

Claire requested from Michael that from 31 August a simplified set of accounts also be produced and reports run for June, July and August.

Request for simplified accounts moved Richard Turfrey/Steve Frampton - carried.

Issue raised regarding residence with-holding tax (RWT) by Kaye Allison. Michael responded and explained the situation of the WPA regarding the RWT exemption certificate.

Michael read out summary of the financial report with further discussion about a projected surplus (around $300), but this would be dependent on the potential deficit/surplus. Claire Bradburn talked about the loss from the French tour and asked about the accounts receivable ($1,510 - provision for doubtful debts).

WPA has written to the PNZ regarding a request for $1,000 which has not been paid out. This was followed by further discussion regarding the PNZ accounts.

Claire raised matter of contingent liability assets. Michael responded they were regarding Graeme Morris' possible coaching expenses. Claire also raised matter of umpires' travel expenses. Michael responded that decision was made at the last WPA meeting, and there was provision for re-imbursement. Claire raised matter of potential payments for players going overseas.

Capitalisation discussion explaining when club subs are due to be paid and cashflow statement regarding the budget ($2,115).

Treasurer's report be approved as submitted at the meeting - moved Margaret Mordecai/Myles Cowper - carried.

Claire raised further discussion about the accounts, requesting something simpler. Michael Rocks responded.

Action point: Michael to prepare two sets of accounts - one with full details and one simplified.

Strategic Plan

Claire lead discussion about the Strategic Plan (SP). Request for clarification by attendees - asked if anyone agreed/disagreed with the SP.

Dick Patston raised the matter regarding Masterton's e-mail. Margaret Mordecai said Otaki's response was similar. Agreement with comments from Ralph Priddle, that things were too concentrated on process and mistrust with what it is trying to do.

Richard Turfrey raised issues regarding SWOT analysis, contribution to which he provide to Michael in the week prior to the WPA meeting.

Claire reviewed the strategic planning day and how people's input was garnered. Response from Richard Turfrey that meeting was held in Newtown/Wellington and 40% of WPA membership was unable to attend. Richard then raised issue of Wanganui development not being supported by WPA and said Manawatu was also not being supported.

Michael responded to Richard and talked about WPA approaching Sport Wellington regarding the Newtown venue and said the preferred venue was bumped, leaving Newtown as the only option. Claire explained further regarding the use of facilitators. Claire acknowledged Richard's concerns regarding tournament locations.

Action point: Tournament sub-committee to look into where tournaments are held.

Further discussion re Richard's SWOT analysis. Dick Patston noted that the SP covered a lot of process and doesn't go over what the WPA is for. Michael went over background of WPA, including discussion about what the game is and its promotion. Claire Bradburn raised the matter of promotions work by Fay Doyle and that she had only one volunteer (Myles Cowper).

Dick requested an opportunity to discuss the plan with members, and talked about the future of Otaki club.

Claire discussed the college tournament. Discussion by Myles Cowper about funding and development of kits for schools. Claire asked how to do this form a committee? Myles called for WPA committee to vote.

Myles asked Richard about the plan and feedback. Richard responded that the WPA's decision-making is controlled by 1 or 2 people. Myles made further comments re Richard's concerns. Michael brought up a recent article in Hutt News, followed by further discussion regarding Masterton's e-mail.

Motion to accept the Strategic Plan - moved Peter Williams/Colleen Horton. Vote: 8 clubs in favour, 2 against - carried.

Election of Planning Subcommittee

Claire lead discussion on forming a planning subcommittee to oversee the Strategic Plan. Michael suggested a maximum of five members. Discussion about committee membership and skills needed. Claire noted that the plan 1 or 3 things about business not about sport. The focus is on promoting the sport that grows and builds membership. Request by Claire on how to do this e.g. replacing membership and promotion committee with a new committee? Does it need representation from other subcommittees? Claire requested Michael to join new committee, which should include WPA chair. Suggestion by Gwen Hill to utilise current members of the promotions and membership committee to support new committee.

Motion to approve Myles Cowper and Fay Doyle along with Richard Turfrey, Michael Rocks and the WPA President (Claire Bradburn) to form a new subcommittee. Moved Colleen Horton/Kath Allison - carried.

Claire made a request for the rest of the clubs not to sit back, and suggested that there might be a Horowhenua club member that could assist with promotion.

Action point: new subcommittee to report back for next meeting

WPA Awards

Claire raised how successful awards were - nominations, voting and whether it should be continued. If continued what the criteria are. Asked that clubs get feedback for the next meeting.

Action point: Clubs to get feedback from their memberships and send the information in for collating prior to the next WPA meeting.

Website proposal

Michael handed out a sheet covering the web hosting capacity from various providers. Michael lead discussion about history of WPA web hosting and capacity of current WPA site. Michael identified a preferred supplier as a web host for the WPA.

Action point: Michael to follow-up regarding web hosting and also to follow-up with Leon Crosse or Peter Ball to stop Telstra Clear bills.

Tournament Sub-Committee Report

Claire reported on behalf of subcommittee. Proposed calendar to be sent out with promotion opportunities to be noted. Discussion about not changing set dates.

Action point: Calendar to be sent out before next WPA meeting.

Dick raised matter of WPA triples being played the same weekend as Otaki's tournament. Otaki to talk to Claire. Suggested 14 March for Otaki's open melee. Myles commented about PNZ calendar which will be improved going forward. Kaye Allison raised matter of Trans Tasman costs. Discussion followed regarding hosting of tournaments and their location.

Umpiring Sub-Committee

Gwen Hill reported on behalf of subcommittee. There were 15 requests to sit umpire theory test. Eight people returned their forms, with 5 of these passing the test. SF got 100% for the test. Noted that Barbara Whittington was unavailable to run practical test. Gwen enquired who is available from clubs to assist with umpiring during WPA events. Myles congratulated Gwen for her efforts.


No report - input from Claire and Myles. There were several sessions, with around 20-30 people attending. People are finding them enjoyable and useful. Myles discussed $5 cost to attend open coaching sessions. This money is then donated back to the players co-operative - which is now up to $700 and is managed by Helen-Mary Foley. Indicated the new Planning subcommittee will need to look at how this sort of thing is managed, as it is probably accountable to the WPA. Claire suggested separate cost centre within WPA accounts.

PNZ Report

Claire - heard there was a programme for promotion being drawn up, but waiting for something definite.

Club Reports


Finger food will be provided for WPA doubles tournament at a cost. Club singles, winner was a first-year player at the club. 500 members used the piste during August/September. Ongoing enhancements and a visit to Manawatu.


notice sent regarding Otaki's open triples tournament but without the attachment. Request for website to be checked to confirm form is on it -confirmed. Sunshades now in place on middle strip, development work mostly finished with some work to do on pathways. Otaki now fully operational.


Pétanque member on bowling club management committee which is now doing health and safety audit via bowling club. Suggested others may want to look at doing the same.


Looking forward to hosting WPA singles this weekend. Food - meet and greet with morning tea on Saturday. Nothing for Sunday so players need to bring their own food. Everything is going well.


Final construction and clearing work next month. Hopefully will get 2 more shelters and a nice section of grass for more seating. A new member joined with 2 or 3 more lined up by the end of the year. New shirts were shown off. Upcoming Massey University wine festival has asked for Manawatu to run their petanque with proper line and shell pistes. Esplanade Day in PN also happening next year. Six high schools approached, with 1 responded positively, but not until next year.

General Business


Claire - moved a vote of thanks to Beverly Mason for her time as secretary. A letter to be sent of behalf of WPA thanking her.


Myles raised the idea of using lotto bonus number raffle to generate funding for WPA. Would be $2 a ticket - $40 to the winner and $40 to WPA. Discussion about the concept, including Kapiti responding giving their experiences with the idea. Myles offered to run the raffle on behalf of WPA.

Action point: Myles to draft proposal and e-mail it out for clubs to discuss before the next meeting.

The meeting was declared closed at 9:50 pm.

Margret Fleck