WPA Subcommittee - Report to WPA Meeting 25 June 2009

Things have been ticking over quite well and the good news is that Barbara Whittington has sent out the theory exams to 8 prospective club umpires and these are due back by the 10th July. Am hoping that she will be able to do the practical examination for those umpires wishing to become regional umpires either at the 3rd round of the winter doubles or the final round at Kapiti and I have notifed all these people that this could be the case.

After receiving the agenda for tonight's meeting I emailed all regional and club umpires regarding the notice of motion for payment of $15 to non-playing umpires at tournaments. I asked them for their comments and I received all but one back with their thoughts. This is something I received from one umpire and basically sums up all the umpires feelings.

“Even though the sum is relatively small I do think that some amount is good to acknowledge the support umpires provide. I can sympathize with the plight of low funds for the WPA but if we wish to move the sport of petanque forward into a more professional/organized realm then having funds dedicated to umpires is a step in this direction. Also considering that most umpires are also keen players of the sport a gesure of recognition for sacrificing their time to be on the sidelines will helpfully encourage people to continue with the current umpiring frameword provided by the NZPA. Of course not everyone who umpires has to put in a claim but I believe that those wishing to be reimbursed for their time and effort should be able to do so. All the best for the meeting, may we promote the sport and foster growth through superb governance.”

Taking all thoughts on board will vote for the $15.

Other than that we seem to be on track and am hoping that some of those doing the club umpire papers and who I know do not play many tournaments would do the regional bit thereby having a few more non-playing umpires around as it is quite difficult when playing having to dash around giving interpretations and measuring as it does tend to take your mind off your own game and am certain that doesn't help your partner/s.

Gwen Hill