WPA Meeting 19 February 2009 - Agenda

Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting.

Date: Thursday 19 February 2009
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Silverstream Pétanque Club, Dunns Street, Silverstream

  1. Apologies
  2. Confirmation of Minutes of 2008 AGM, 21 February 2008
  3. President's Report
  4. Financial Report
  5. Affiliation Fees
  6. Remits from Michael Rocks, Khandallah Petanque Club:
    1. That the WPA establishes a series of awards to recognise and celebrate success within the region. Suggested awards are:
      • Player of the Year (could have sub-categories - junior, senior, female, male)
      • Most Improved Player
      • Team of the Year
      • Administrator of the Year
      • Coach of the Year
      • Official of the Year
      • Volunteer of the Year.
    2. That the WPA stages an awards ceremony to be held at conclusion of the season (April/May). As well as the presentation of the above awards, the Championship winners from the previous season should be presented with their Championship shirts.
    3. Changes to the Constitution
      1. A non-Incorporated group is not allowed to become a member of an Incorporated Society. Therefore it is proposed to make the changes below to section 4 - Membership.
        1. Insert a new section (see below) before §4 - Membership and renumber all following sections and all references to existing clauses that are greater than 4.
          §4 - Affiliated Clubs
          §4.1. Affiliated Clubs will be those pétanque clubs that apply to be Affiliated Clubs in such form and accompanied by such fees as are determined in accordance with clause 8, and are accepted by the Management Committee as Affiliated Clubs
        2. Modify the new section §5 - Membership
          There shall be the following classes of membership -
          5.1. Ordinary Members
          5.2. Life Members
          5.3. Honorary Members
          5.4. Associate Members
        3. Modify the new section §6.1. Members of Clubs affiliated to the WPA shall automatically become Ordinary members of the WPA unless otherwise determined under Section §6.2 of these rules.
      2. That the WPA adopts a set of Standing Orders. If this motion is passed, then it should be added to the Constitution as §15.3
        1. That the rules set out in bold type in Members' Meetings by Mark von Dadelszen be adopted as Standing Orders of the WPA.
        2. That the WPA Secretary purchases a copy of Members' Meetings by Mark von Dadelszen. Note: the estimated cost is $30.
      3. At the last Committee Meeting (13 November) we were advised by the Treasurer that only 1 signatory was required on the Association's cheque book. In which case new section §20.1 needs to be updated to reflect actual practice.
        The control and investment of the funds of the WPA shall be with the Committee. Banking operations on the WPA's account shall be carried out by the Treasurer and all cheques drawn on or withdrawals from WPA funds shall be operated upon under the signature of the Treasurer countersigned by one other member of the Management Committee.
        1. Remove "countersigned by one other member of the Management Committee".
  7. Election of Officers: Taken from the Floor (see attached Note)
  8. General Business

Owen Davie
6 February 2009

Management Committee Meeting

Date: Thursday 19 February 2009
Time: Following the AGM
Venue: Silverstream Pétanque Club, Dunns Street, Silverstream

  1. Apologies
  2. Confirmation of Previous Minutes
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. Finance
  6. Tournament Sub-Committee Report
  7. Report on Wellington v Canterbury Match
  8. Wellington Regional Coaching Co-ordinator's Report
  9. Umpiring Sub-Committee Report
  10. PNZ Report
  11. Club Reports
  12. General Business
  13. Next Meeting

Owen Davie
9 February 2009