WPA Committee Meeting held on Thursday 1 May 2008 at the Silverstream Pétanque Club at 7:30 pm


Claire Bradburn (Chair), Owen Davie (Secretary), Brian Smith (Treasurer)
Hataitai - see apologies
Horowhenua - see apologies
Kapiti - Fay Doyle, Jan McHardy
Khandallah - Elizabeth Rocks, Michael Rocks, Dirk Winnie
Manawatu - Barrie Sinclair, Ngaere Sinclair
Masterton - Barbara Johnston, Graeme Morris
Otaki - see apologies
Park Avenue - Enoka Smiler
Silverstream - Claire Bradburn
Upper Hutt - Patrick Smith, Kathy Taylor
Wanganui East - see apologies
Windy Hills - see apologies


Representatives from Horowhenua, Otaki, Hataitai, Wanganui East, Windy Hills, and Alison and Ralph Priddle (Masterton).

Confirmation of the Previous Minutes

The motion was put that the minutes of the meeting on 21 February 2008 be confirmed (Brian Smith/Jan McHardy). Carried.

Matters Arising


Claire Bradburn advised that 6 members of clubs have put their names forward to PNZ for an umpires' course, likely to be in Rotorua. The original list of names on the PNZ website has been deleted in error. Brian Smith will check the names on the PNZ Website against his list of participants.


Claire has discussed coaching in the Hutt Valley with Park Avenue, but has yet to do so with Upper Hutt.

Riding for the Disabled

Claire reported that she has looked at this possible venue near the Hutt River Bridge and Silverstream. It is enormous and has been harrowed for use by horses. If pétanque were to use it the owners would want a fee of $200 for 2 days. Claire informed the contact that pétanque was not a wealthy sport. A lot of work, including stringing, would be required to bring the terrain up to scratch for pétanque.

A discussion followed and although it was recognised that the facility could be a possible future venue for the Trans-Tasman or Winter Doubles. It was agreed not to use this venue at this time.



The "Greenfields" project at Ian Galloway Park, Wilton. Michael Rocks explained that the proposal was for a new facility catering for 8 sports and would include an all weather athletics track and hockey fields. Hataitai and Khandallah Clubs were approached and this led to pétanque being included in the design with potential indoor and outdoor pistes. Claire Bradburn commented that she has spoken with the contact person and discovered that the pétanque area would be 5 metres by 20 metres divided into strips. Clearly this would be inadequate. The contact has since observed pétanque being played at Khandallah and now has a better understanding of the space required for the sport. No further action is required.

A pilot SPARC survey of use of facilities in the Wellington Region. Claire Bradburn has informed them that the WPA covered a wider area than the local government boundaries. SPARC then expressed an interest in the Kapiti and Park Avenue pistes.

Owen Davie mentioned that he has received numerous emails updating WPA contact data. Delegates agreed he should hold off issuing an updated contact list until clubs had held their annual meetings, as personnel may change. Owen also advised that many emails and one letter had been received regarding tournament venues.

An email and card respectively has been received from Gwen Hill and Jan McHardy in appreciation of thank you letters sent to them (see Outward Correspondence).

A letter seeking nominations for the Wellington Sports Awards. Claire mentioned that representation from the region in the New Zealand Pétanque team came too late for this year's awards, but could be considered for next year. Any other suggestions for next year would be welcome.


The response to the SPARC survey covering Kapiti and Park Avenue.

Emails replying to information updating the contact list and finalising tournament venues.

Letters to Fay Doyle, Michael Rocks, Jan McHardy and Gwen Hill thanking them for their long standing contributions to pétanque and to the WPA.


Brian Smith presented his report as at 1 May 2008.

Surplus income stood at $2,368. Brian mentioned that 95% of club affiliation fees were received in the first quarter of the year. Sums received later in the year are mostly tournament entry fees.

With regard to the French Champions tour, PNZ donated $3,500, the APA $2,000 and the WPA $1,000. Any surplus would therefore need to be split on a 2 for 1 basis between the APA and the WPA. In fact, a surplus of over $1,100 resulted with the WPA share being $397.92.

The WPA has not received the regional grant of $500 made by SPARC in October 2007. This is a one-off grant and the WPA will need to apply for it. Claire Bradburn said this would be followed up.

It was agreed that the APA be approached to pay the agreed half share of the new Inter Region Challenge Cup trophy for matches between Wellington and Auckland.

The banking signatories for the WPA would need to be changed to reflect the new office bearers. The motion was put that the signatories be the Treasurer and President, with the Secretary as Alternate (Michael Rocks/Fay Doyle). Carried.

The motion was put that the financial statement be accepted (Brian Smith/Dirk Winnie). Carried.

Events Debrief

Dirk Winnie asked what purpose this item served. It was agreed that feedback was useful on WPA competitions only.

Claire Bradburn commented that numbers were down in comparison with last year and well down on previous years for the WPA Women's Singles.

Brian Smith mentioned that there were problems with the length of the second day in the WPA Regional Triples. It would be necessary to either try and squeeze more games into the first day or make the second day longer. Dirk said that allowing 16 out of 23 teams to go through to the second day made the event a joke and it needed to be more cut throat. Fay Doyle suggested evening up the numbers by offering free entry to the host club. Brian commented that whether events were conducted by round robin or pool play made no real difference to their length.

It was agreed that the Tournament Sub Committee should re-form to deal with such matters. The motion was put that the Tournament Sub Committee comprise Enoka Smiler, Graeme Morris, Dirk Winnie and Claire Bradburn (Michael Rocks/Kathy Taylor). Carried.

Upcoming Events

Jan McHardy said that Kapiti is offering to host the Winter Doubles, Rounds 2 and 4. Enoka Smiler advised that Park Avenue would host Rounds 1 and 3. Delegates agreed to accept these venues.

Wellington vs. Auckland Match

A date has not yet been set as this depends on how it fits into the tournament structure. Delegates expressed the view that how the team was selected was important as it represents a second tier stepping stone for players looking to obtain experience with a view to competing at the highest level. Wellington is travelling to Auckland so the earlier the team is selected the better for making travel arrangements.

It was agreed that this would be a stand alone match outside the influence of PNZ, which would allow the format and other details to be organised to suit both associations rather than having to conform to PNZ directives. Delegates also supported moving the status of the match to that of fully representative teams rather than being of a development nature. This is in line with the direction the PNZ is moving, it creates a greater motivation for inclusion and increases the value of the representative shirt.

Dirk Winnie agreed to contact the APA to sort out a suitable date and venue.

PNZ Report

Fay Doyle reported firstly, that Barbara Whittington, the PNZ Secretary, was looking for someone to help with clerical and administrative duties. Secondly, clubs in the WPA area need to consider who is to host the 2009 National Triples which have been allocated to our region. It means the 2009 WPA Triples will need to be held two weeks beforehand.

Fay advised that PNZ had decided not to select a national representative team to compete at the World Championships overseas this year. This is because the new coaching and administrative (governance) structure framework for PNZ needs to be bedded down, given that there are around 50 clubs and 1,400 players throughout the country. Fay added that this situation would last for one year only, and that national teams would be selected again in 2009. It was in the best interests of PNZ to forego national representation for one year. However, Murray Porter, the Technical Director, is trying to get a New Zealand vs. Australia competition underway in November 2008, particularly for youth under 30 years of age.

Brian Smith said that the coaching structure was separate from governance. Claire Bradburn commented that it was up to clubs to put forward nominations to train as coaching coordinators in their regions.

Dirk Winnie expressed concern at the manner in which business was conducted at the PNZ Annual General Meeting. Firstly, in respect of the new governance structure due to come into in 2009. According to PNZ minutes published on the WPA website, the initial vote was lost by 10 votes to 5. An adjournment was then taken for lunch during which the Upper North Island delegate was coerced into changing her vote and requested the opportunity to vote again on the issue. Subsequently, the vote was won and the new structure accepted.

Dirk said that he struggles with the concept that a delegate voting on behalf of the players in her region should be pressured in such a way that she feels compelled to ignore the wishes of her region and vote in favour of this motion. If a vote is lost it is lost. The WPA opposed this motion and instructed our delegate to vote accordingly. We expected that the vote would be conducted in a fair and democratic manner with the outcome being accepted as the wishes of the membership. This does not appear to be the case and an explanation is required from PNZ.

Michael Rocks commented that the Upper North Island delegate was allowed to change her vote because of a poor understanding of Standing Orders by PNZ on how to run a meeting. In this instance, if the proposed change had been refused a Special Meeting of PNZ would have been required to rescind the motion and in the circumstances it was easier to allow it.

Dirk added that the second concern relates to not sending a New Zealand team to the World Championships in Senegal. The WPA has not taken a position on this but the concern is the manner in which this has been handled by PNZ. On the Saturday at the AGM, a motion was carried unanimously regarding the way teams would be chosen for any international competition to which a New Zealand team would be sent. By allowing this motion to go ahead, it was fair to assume a team or teams would be given the opportunity to represent their country later in the year. However, the PNZ executive then asked the Council to consider a moratorium on sending teams overseas in 2008/09. Dirk said that the concerns here are that PNZ allowed a motion to be passed when it clearly had no intention of allowing it to come into effect, and that PNZ expected our delegate to vote on the moratorium without first having an opportunity to consult clubs in the Wellington region. The PNZ has undermined the integrity of the decision making process and damaged their credibility with the WPA.

It was agreed that a letter be sent to PNZ from representatives of clubs present at the WPA meeting on 1 May, setting out our concerns at the way these matters (see above) were handled at the PNZ AGM. Copies of the letter would be forwarded to clubs represented at the meeting, and it would also be circulated to other clubs not represented and to other regions, for their information.

Club Reports


Barrie Sinclair reported that Opening Day for the new terrain on 10 May looked like it would be very successful. An Opening Ceremony to unveil a plaque would commence proceedings. No further entries could be accepted for the Melee Individual Doubles Tournament as 64, the maximum number, had already been received.

An encouraging development is some new members in the 11 to 15 year old age group. Playing days are Thursday and Sunday afternoons.

Wanganui East

A written report was received. The club is in good heart and they are looking forward to hosting the WPA Women’'s Doubles on 17/18 May. Preparations for the Wanganui East Triples on 23 November are about to commence, including the laying of 5 more pistes. A small contingent is likely to participate in the Wellington Winter Doubles.

Park Avenue

Enoka Smiler reported that the club AGM is on Sunday, 4 May.


Graeme reported that the recent AGM saw a change in Office holders. The Masterton Mid- Winter Doubles is on over Queen’s Birthday Weekend, 31 May/1 June. Challenges are continuing for the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy currently held by Masterton. The 2009 WBS Open Triples is to be held at the club on 28 February/1 March and the 2009 Masterton Mid-Winter Doubles on 30/31 May.


In February, some club members visited Otaki and in April Kapiti played host to a return visit. The club triples have been held and Kapiti hosted the WPA Regional Triples. A fun day fundraiser was held for the Trans Tasman representatives – Rex Hayes, Kath and Kaye Alison. A barbeque has been held and representatives from Kapiti District Council invited as the club land is leased from the Council. Some club members dressed in French attire and demonstrated petanque to the public at the Tauherenikau French Country Fair.

Upper Hutt

A local youth group has visited the club and played petanque, a positive sign for the future.

Fund Raising

Nothing to report.

General Business

Graeme said that it was important for Wellington clubs to continue to exist, given the new structure of the PNZ in 2009. This was something that needed to be discussed at the next meeting of the WPA.

Graeme also mentioned that the issue of what to do with the 5th place clubs in each zone after Inter-club needed to be sorted out. They could either call it quits or play each other as part of Finals Day at Kapiti on 24 May. Graeme will follow this up.

Michael gave notice of his intention to put forward two motions at a future WPA meeting, one dealing with the WPA adopting Standing Orders and the other with the constitution of the WPA. Unincorporated clubs could not be members of an incorporated society such as the WPA.

The meeting closed at 10:10 pm.

Owen Davie