WPA Committee Meeting held on Thursday 21 February 2008 at the Silverstream Pétanque Club at 8:15 pm


Claire Bradburn (Chair), Beverley Mason (Acting Secretary), Brian Smith (Treasurer)
Hataitai - Maureen Wood
Horowhenua - no representative
Kapiti - Kath Alison, Kaye Alison, Fay Doyle, Gwen Hill, Jan McHardy, John Mason, Pat Scholes
Khandallah - Elizabeth Rocks, Michael Rocks, Dirk Winnie
Manawatu - Barrie Sinclair, Ngaere Sinclair
Masterton - Alison Priddle, Ralph Priddle
Otaki - Gary Brunton, Marty Magee
Park Avenue - Enoka Smiler
Silverstream - Claire Bradburn
Upper Hutt - Kathy Taylor, Alison Zuppicich
Wanganui East - see apologies
Windy Hills - no representative


Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East), Graeme Morris (Masterton).

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting on 18 October 2007 were taken taken as read and approved moved Alison Priddle, seconded Brian Smith, carried.

Matters arising


An email to be sent to clubs to ascertain whether they have any members interested in umpiring courses.


Kapiti would seem to be the only club still running performance enhancement sessions so the President suggested that maybe several clubs could combine for these.

Riding for the Disabled

This has still to be followed up. Brian said that although the terrain would be suitable for pétanque there would be a substantial charge for its hire. He will let Claire have a contact name.

French Team Visit

Dirk thanked the WPA for allowing the team to visit and especially the Masterton and Otaki Clubs. The two visits on 29 and 30 January were very successful and it is hoped that this can be repeated in the future. Dirk was extremely pleased and thanked everyone who contributed and came along.



Masterton Club re Georgio Vakauta playing in the Kapiti Open.


Referring to the raffle held to raise funds towards a NZ team competing at Singapore for which the prize was to be the raffle winner playing with Georgio Vakauta in the Kapiti Open, Brian said this was a good idea in principle and $637 raised which was sent to PNZ but unfortunately Georgio didn’'t honour what he said he would do and this will make it difficult to run something like this again.

The outward correspondence was approved and the inward received moved Fay Doyle, seconded Ralph Priddle, carried.


That the financial statement be accepted, moved Brian Smith, seconded Ralph Priddle, carried.

Events Debrief

WPA Seniors Doubles, WPA Regional Doubles, C of C Singles and Doubles, WPA Open Triples, Wellington/Hawke's Bay Match

All very successful events and, as usual, well hosted by the various clubs.

Upcoming Events


Successful first round held on 16 February and results sent to Graeme Morris.

WPA Regional Triples

Entry forms have been sent out for this event at Kapiti on 15/16 March. Alison Priddle asked whether this can be run in one day therefore cutting down expense and Brian explained that the format would have to be very cutthroat.


The following venues were decided:

Otaki offered to host the WPA Womens’ Singles on 26 April. Kapiti offered to host the WPA Senior Doubles on 29 October.

An email from Wanganui East advised they would be happy to host an event so they will be asked to host the Ladies Doubles and Triples on 17/18 May.

Venues still required for the WPA Regional Singles 27/28 September, WPA Regional Doubles 25/26 October and WPA Open Triples on 30 November.

Michael Rocks pointed out that PNZ has allocated the National Doubles to the Wellington region this year and it is preferable to have the WPA and the PNZ Doubles hosted at the same club. The Secretary to contact clubs regarding hosting these events.

PNZ Report

The PNZ Annual General Meeting is on 19 April and Michael Rocks reported that clubs will have received the proposed PNZ Governance Arrangements which will be discussed at this meeting. Comments are required from clubs. Affiliation fees for this year will be $6 and $7 for 2009 and 2010. Nominations close on 22 February for the position of Regional Delegate to PNZ for 2008.

Club Reports


Ralph reported the club has two new members and thoroughly enjoyed hosting the French team. Their WBS tournament this weekend is full. Many of their members participate in regional and national events. The Bowling Club is unfortunately struggling and pétanque couldn’'t survive if that folded. They have the next Jacques Cochonnet challenge at home.


The club was successful in its first away challenge with Kapiti for the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy. Michael said that Kapiti were very generous hosts. Two Corporate days have been held and the club was the venue for Statistics Australia and NZ games with 150 people playing pétanque, bowls and croquet.

Their next J C challenge at Masterton may be a midweek twilight match. The club is having a skills day on 7 March and may open it up to other clubs.


Barrie was pleased to report that, at a cost to the Council of $45,000, the club has now relocated and is part of the Northern Bowling Club with access to facilities. They will be required to become social members of the bowling club. There are 16 pistes 4m wide or 22 pistes 3m wide and the members are working hard for an Open Melee on 10 May.

Park Avenue

Their pistes have been re-aligned. Enoka thanked all who participated in their Open Doubles a few weeks ago.

Upper Hutt

Club members have been participating in the LIVELY PARKS promotion run by the Upper Hutt Council –18 attended the first night and 17 the next with 3 more programmes to go. The club now has 7 new members. The Swiss Doubles on the 17 February was very successful.


Maureen said the Bowling Club is still having problems but pétanque is still 'chugging along'.


Gary reported that the club has been concentrating on the visit of the French in late January which was a huge success. Video taken is being edited and more videoing in Kapiti and Wellington and maybe Auckland. Thirty members of the public attended as well as members from other clubs. They have 2 new members and 3 more interested. Good newspaper and radio publicity.


Forty eight teams competed in another successful Kapiti Open Doubles sponsored by Avon on 19/20 January. The publicity in local papers for the French visit to Otaki was marvellous. The twilight singles competition over 2 evenings in January and the twilight doubles on 2 evenings in February were once again very popular. Kapiti hosted a Jacques Cochonnet challenge on Waitangi Day but unfortunately this was not successful.


Claire said most of their members are reasonably active and they have two new members and one former member coming back.

Wanganui East

Richard Turfrey advised by email they would be pleased to host a tournament. Their Open triples is scheduled for 22/23 November 2008.


Mid Winter Triples on 29 June.

General Business

Tournament sub-Committee

Graeme Morris and Enoka Smiler are running the inter-club and Dirk will organize regional matches. The question as to whether it is necessary to have a specific committee to arrange events was discussed and the meeting decided to continue with individuals doing this on an event to event basis.

Wellington/Auckland Match

Enoka pointed out that the date on the calendar clashes with Park Avenue’s Bastille Day tournament. Dirk will look into whether the date can be changed.

Inter Club Trophy

This year the top 4 clubs play off for this trophy and the Obut Cup will be used for a play-off between the next 4 clubs.

Fund Raising

Liz Rocks plans to do something which will raise funds for the NZ Women’s team to go to China. Further details later.

WPA Meetings

Jan McHardy asked whether these could be held for half the year at Kapiti and the other half at Silverstream. The President said the incoming committee will give this some consideration.

The meeting closed at 10:00 pm.

Beverley Mason
Acting Secretary