WPA Committee Meeting held on Thursday 18 October 2007 at the Silverstream Pétanque Club


Brian Smith (Chair, Treasurer), Beverley Mason (Secretary)
Hataitai - see apologies
Horowhenua - see apologies
Kapiti - Jan McHardy, John Mason
Khandallah - Michael Rocks, Dirk Winnie
Manawatu - no representative
Masterton - Alison Priddle, Ralph Priddle
Otaki - Gary Brunton, Bob Wilde
Park Avenue - Enoka Smiler
Silverstream - Claire Bradburn
Upper Hutt - Elaine Hunt, Kathy Taylor
Wanganui East - Richard Turfrey
Windy Hills - Myles Cowper


Fay Doyle (President), Kath Alison, Kaye Alison, Pat Scholes (Kapiti), Margret Fleck (Hataitai), Bill Lidstone (Horowhenua), Graeme Morris (Masterton), Liz Rocks (Khandallah), Alison Zuppicich (Upper Hutt). Apologies were accepted Brian Smith, seconded Jan McHardy, carried.

Minutes of Previous Meetings

The minutes of the meeting on 16 August 2007 as circulated, were confirmed, moved Brian Smith, seconded Michael Rocks, carried.

The minutes of the Special meeting on 29 September 2007 as read by Michael Rocks, were confirmed, moved Michael Rocks, seconded Ralph Priddle, carried.

Matters arising


Several clubs are running performance enhancement sessions including Silverstream, Park Avenue, Kapiti and Masterton.


A number have passed the second stage umpiring. Umpiring Director, Andy Gilbert hopes to arrange ID badges for Umpires soon and also shirts. Myles Cowper commented that, having played in 5 tournaments lately, he has found it very helpful to have official umpires.

Riding for the Diabled

Brian hasn't had time to follow this up further. Matters to be considered now are what the surface is like and how much the charge will be.

Jacques Cochonnet Rules

Copies given to each club and will be sent to those not present at the meeting.

Tournament Sub-Committee

Two people have indicated interest in being on this sub-committee. Brian Smith advised PNZ Executive have suggested running Courses on running tournaments.

PNZ National Women's Championships

The WPA will apply to host these.




The correspondence was approved.


Events Debrief

Winter Doubles

Top place this year went to Michael Rocks & Brian Smith. Petrol vouchers will be given again this year and Fay and Brian will meet to decide who the other recipients will be.

WPA Singles

Good entry of 48 this year and the tournament ran well. It was won by Dirk Winnie who beat Michael Rocks in the final.

Central/Wellington Match

Dirk Winnie prepared a very comprehensive report on this match (given to clubs), won by Wellington 96-66. He has been approached by both Rotorua and Auckland expressing interest in return matches.

The meeting considered that the selection criteria needs to be looked at as what is happening at the moment is excluding some players.

Upcoming Events

WPA Seniors Doubles

To be held at Kapiti on 24 October.19 entries received so far.

WPA Doubles

To be held on 27/28 October at Horowhenua.

21 or 22 entries received so far which is much the same as last year. They close on 22 October.

Champion of Champions events

C of C Singles 4 November at Silverstream and C of C Doubles on 17 November at Otaki.

Certificates will be given to winners.

WPA Open Triples

Park Avenue agreed to host this tournament on 2 December, entry fee will be $5 per person. As PNZ are holding a qualifying tournament on 1/2 December for the NZ Open Team for the Trans-Tasman match next April it was suggested the date be changed.

Moved Richard Turfrey, seconded Claire Bradburn that the date for WPA Open Triples be changed to 16 December, carried.

Wellington/Hawke's Bay Match

Masterton will be the venue for this match on 9 December.

Summer Inter-club

Myles Cowper will pass on the information to whoever is prepared to arrange the summer interclub. With more clubs entering there could be a problem with the present format with not enough pistes to play all singles games at the same time. Clubs to be circulated and asked whether they wish to take part in the summer interclub with the same format as 2007.

PNZ Report

Council meeting held on 15/16 October and Michael thanked those who forwarded input for this. Club Newsletter on website and covers a range of items including World Championships participation, National Championships allocations, entry fees for national Championships which will rise next year, selection process for NZ teams, and 2008 trans-Tasman match. Clubs should ensure that this Newsletter is placed on their Noticeboards.

A qualifying tournament for the NZ Open Team will be held on 1-2 December and once applications of interest are received a decision will be made as to where this will be held.

PNZ have issued an invitation to a French pétanque team to visit in January 2008. The team consisting of 3 players and a coach will tour from 21-31 January and will play in the Auckland Open, in Rotorua and hopefully the Wellington region.

PNZ hase been asked to underwrite this visit by $7,000 and at this stage a preliminary budget has been prepared. It is hoped that WPA will put some money towards this and the meeting was asked how much WPA is prepared to pay. After much discussion the following was proposed.

Moved Claire Bradburn, seconded Ralph Priddle that WPA pay $1,000 up front with a further $1,000 available, if necessary. This to include $500 from SPARC which WPA will now apply for, carried 6 votes for, 1 against by Park Avenue and 1 abstention.

Club Reports


Melee on 1 December 2007. Extra pistes almost completed giving a total of 16.


Haven't lost any members lately. Pistes will prove a challenge for the C of C Singles players on 4 November.


Performance enhancement classes of benefit to members especially in the results in Tournaments. Health Fest a successful publicity display for the club. Will probably be held in Otaki next year. Hosted Regional Singles on 29/30 September and hosting Senior Doubles on 24 October. Kapiti Open 19/20 January 2008 sponsored by Kerry Buddle of Avon.


Held Doubles and Singles championships and are looking forward to a Jacques Cochonnet challenge.


Held club singles but will have no entry in C of C Singles as it clashes with an event with the Hataitai club.

Park Avenue

C of C Singles clashes with Baine Trophy so they are looking for another date. Will hold a fund raising Open Doubles event on 6 January and they hope to have a sponsor.

Upper Hutt

Sports Expo held at Maidstone Park recently and Upper Hutt club had a presence there. Have had the Club Singles and Doubles championships.


After restringing now have 20 pistes. Haven't applied for funds for a further block of pistes yet. Now that Horowhenua have only 20 pistes it was felt that this will not be a sufficient number for the upcoming Peugeot PNZ Doubles on 10/11 November.

Moved Michael Rocks, seconded Alison Priddle, that Michael Rocks contact the PNZ Executive on behalf of WPA and explain that WPA is unhappy with Horowhenua's decision to restring the pistes, carried.

Horowhenua Club to be advised what has been decided and offer help if needed.

General Business

There was no General Business

The meeting closed at 10:15 pm.

Beverley Mason