WPA Special General Meeting held on Saturday 29 September 2007 at the Kapiti Pétanque Club


Fay Doyle (Chair), Beverley Mason (Secretary)
Hataitai - Catherine Maher
Horowhenua - no representative
Kapiti - Jan McHardy
Khandallah - Michael Rocks, Peter van Heusden, Dirk Winnie
Manawatu - no representative
Masterton - Graeme Morris, Ralph Priddle
Otaki - Dick Patston
Park Avenue - Karepa Mataira, Enoka Smiler
Silverstream - Claire Bradburn
Upper Hutt - Kathy Taylor, Alison Zuppicich
Wanganui East - Richard Turfrey
Windy Hills - Myles Cowper

Welcome and Purpose of the Meeting

The President welcomed everyone to this special meeting which has been called by the Masterton Pétanque Club and supported by Windy Hills, Wanganui East and Khandallah Clubs. The purpose of the meeting is to adopt the recently reviewed rules applying to the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy.

The proposed rules had been circulated to all clubs prior to the meeting and some ammendments were received.

Corrections to Circulated Rules

  1. The date for the rules adoption is changed to September 2007.
  2. The Disputes rule is renamed as Article 12.

Ammendment 1 - Change to Article 6

The holder must give the challenger at least 3 dates (playing days) from which to chose within one calendar month of the playing of the previous challenge. Two of the dates offered must be separate weekends. If the challenger cannot accept one of the days offered, the holder will win the match by default. If the holder cannot offer 3 dates then it will default the match and the trophy will go to the challenger.

Note: the requirement to offer 3 playing days within the calendar month is waived if there is a clash with a regional or national championship. However, two dates must be offered.

The rest of the Article remains the same.

Moved: Michael Rocks, Seconded: D Winnie. The Ammendment was carried.

Ammendment 2

  1. Insert after "The order of clubs drawn will be the order of challenge." the words "At the same time another draw will be made to determine whether the game will be played at home (the holder's piste) or away (the challenger's piste)."
  2. Delete the sentence "Should the holder lose a game during the ensuing round they will go to the end of the challenge order."
  3. Update Article 4 to reflect the location of the match will be determined by the draw in Article 2.
  4. Delete Article 10
  5. Renumber Articles 11 and 12

Moved: D Winnie

Ammendment 2a

Change the terrain location to "at home (the challenger's piste) or away (the holder's piste)" to reflect that the draw is being made from the challenger's point of view.

Moved: D Winnie, Seconded: G Morris. The Ammendment was carried.

The updated Ammendment 2 was Moved: D Winnie, Seconded: C Bradburn. The Ammendment was carried.

Further Changes to Article 6

M Rocks advised that the wording of Article 6 states that an offer of dates must be made within one calendar month, not that the match must be played within one calendar month.

After discussion it was agreed that:

  1. Calendar month be changed to 31 days
  2. Article 5 be changed as no matches would be scheduled in the months of December of January
  3. The intention of the rule changes were clear and the adoption of the new rules could continue
  4. M Rocks to be tasked with tidying up the wording

Moved: D Winnie, Seconded: M Cowper

Adoption of the new Rules

That the Jacques Cochonnet Rules as amended on 29 Setptember 2007 be the Jacques Cochonnet playing rules as from 1 October 2007.

Moved: F Doyle, Seconded: R Turfrey. The motion was carried.

Draw for match location

Following the adoption of these rules and pursuant to Article 2 a draw to determine whether the matches in the next round will be played at home or away was made and resulted as follows: Otaki (Away); Windy Hills (Away); Kapiti (Home); Masterton (Home); Upper Hutt (Away); Wanganui East (Away); Silverstream (Home); Horowhenua (Home); Park Avenue (Away); Hataitai (Home).

The meeting concluded at 4:00 pm

Beverley Mason