WPA Committee Meeting held on Thursday 16 August 2007 at the Silverstream Pétanque Club


Fay Doyle (Chair), Beverley Mason (Secretary), Brian Smith (Treasurer)
Hataitai - Margret Fleck, Maureen Wood
Horowhenua - see apologies
Kapiti - Kath Alison, Kaye Alison, Jan McHardy, Pat Scholes
Khandallah - Liz Rocks, Michael Rocks, Dirk Winnie
Manawatu - see apologies
Masterton - Graeme Morris
Otaki - see apologies
Park Avenue - Enoka Smiler
Silverstream - Claire Bradburn
Upper Hutt - Kathy Taylor, Alison Zuppicich
Wanganui East - see apologies
Windy Hills - Myles Cowper, Sebastien Merval, Nikki Winnie


Gary Brunton (Otaki), Bill Lidstone (Horowhenua), Ralph Priddle (Masterton), Richard Turfrey (Wanganui East). Apologies were accepted Jan McHardy, Dirk Winnie, carried.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting on 21 June 2007 as circulated were taken as read and approved, Dirk Winnie, Graeme Morris, carried

Matters arising

Coaching & Umpiring

Neil Goodwin has advised that all those who have completed their exams passed. Umpire training is ongoing.

Riding for the Diabled

The new building is up and Brian has been asked to inspect the ground surface but has not done so yet.




The correspondence was approved.


The financial statement was accepted. The account for the trophy for the Auckland/Wellington match has not yet been received. Auckland is to be billed for half this cost.

Events Debrief

Auckland/Wellington Match

A detailed report on this match was presented by Dirk and circulated to the meeting. Dirk was thanked for his organisation of this event, Myles Cowper and Margret Fleck for arrangements at Waitangi Park. On behalf of the team Graeme Morris thanked everyone involved in the arrangements and Michael Rocks for his input at the training sessions.

Winter Doubles

The competition is going well. Round 2 at Kapiti was reduced to 4 games because of the inclement weather and Round 3 at Horowhenua completed. Brian Smith advised that in Round 4, to be played at Park Avenue on 19 August, the top 6 teams will play each other and the remaining teams will be in a random draw.

Upcoming Events

WPA Regional Singles

Kapiti has agreed to host the Singles on 29/30 September. Entry forms are prepared and will be sent out next week.

WPA Regional Doubles

To be held at Horowhenua on 27/28 October

WPA Senior Doubles

To be held at Kapiti on 24 October.

PNZ National Women's Triples Championship

Planned for February 2008 and the meeting agreed that the WPA should bid for the right to host it.

Jacques Cochonnet Rules

The rules prepared by Graeme Morris to be adopted at this meeting had inadvertently not been sent to clubs.

That the rules as presented by Graeme Morris be circulated to clubs for adoption at a special meeting on 29 September 2007, moved Graeme Morris, seconded Claire Bradburn, carried

Raffle for the Singapore Team's Travel

$637 was raised. The raffle was drawn and won by Masterton club, ticket Blue Heart 78E

PNZ Report

Michael Rocks advised that there is a report on umpiring on the Wellington website. He said that a training day was held at Khandallah with two people from Christchurch and 1 from Hawke's Bay also in attendance. Practical session at Round 3 of the Winter Doubles at which Barbara Whittington assessed performances. Courses have also been held in Auckland. Further courses will be held for people who are interested.

PNZ Regional representatives will meet in Wellington on 15/16 September. Clubs are asked to advise whether they have any matters they would like discussed or questions answered.

Christchurch Pétanque will host the National Senior Championship in December.

Club Reports


Performance enhancement group are meeting on alternate Monday afternoons. A very successful Memorial melee on 5 August with 52 people taking part from Horowhenua, Otaki, Hataitai, Wanganui and Kapiti. The club is have new club shirts in blue and gold. Club members will be part of the Kapiti Health Fest on 15 September at Lindale Campus demonstrating the game of petanque. Gwen Hill is now a Regional Arbitre.


They are breaking the surface on a couple of their pistes. Claire Bradburn asked whether there would be any interest in a competition in the car park at Silverstream and was assured there would be.

Upper Hutt

Have heard nothing further from the Council.


Were fortunate to host the Wellington/Auckland match and have had good feedback from Auckland. Won last Jacques Cochonnet challenge from Park Avenue, the final challenge for the round will be Wanganui East on 18 August. Dirk Winnie re-elected President.


"In hibernation since their mid-winter tournament but will be coming to life now!"


Nothing to report.

Windy Hills

The email from Mike Walsh of Sport Wellington asking if there are any Pétanque clubs in Wellington central that promote "Have a Go" days for new participants will be actioned by Myles Cowper.

Park Avenue

Held a very successful Bastille Day.


Will be holding a tournament on 15/16 November 2008 in conjunction with the 100 year anniversary of the Otaki Bowling Club. They have the money and will be having new pistes built.


Are restringing their pistes and will only have 20 pistes for the WPA Doubles and National Doubles championships. Have booked the caravan for the National Doubles but are not able to get it for the Regional Doubles.

Wanganui East

Are busy with arrangements for the triples tournament in November - details on PNZ website

General Business

Bay of Plenty/Tauranga-Wellington match

Dirk Winnie advised that this will take place on 22/23 September in Wellington. A large number of people indicated interest in playing. Criteria for team selection will be based on seeding points. It was suggested that the selection process be looked at next meeting.

Tournament Sub-committee

Michael Rocks proposed that a tournament sub-committee be set up. This committee would work independently of the regular WPA meetings but would report back to each WPA meeting and would entail drawing up rules for competitions, dates, sending out forms and running tournaments etc. Claire Bradburn suggested a job description is needed and Graeme Morris spoke in favour of spreading the workload.

That a tournament sub-committee be formed and interested people be asked to indicate their interest, moved Michael Rocks, seconded Graeme Morris, carried. A show of hands resulted in 7 clubs in favour, none against. Clubs to let Secretary know of anyone who is interested.

Summer Inter-club

Dates have been set and are on the 2008 calendar. Claire Bradburn suggested it follow the same format as the 2007 Inter-club. Clubs to be asked whether they wish to participate and the question was raised whether more than one team would be allowed from each club. It was felt that clubs with the largest membership could be aksed whether they wish to enter more than one team but Enoka Smiler said this should only be allowed if there is an odd number of clubs in the competition.

Obut Trophy

It was suggested that this trophy could be used for the winner of the Winter Doubles.

Jacques Cochonnet Competition

The next round will commence in October following the adoption of the amended Rules on 29 September. Draw was made and challenges will be played in the following order: Otaki, Windy Hills, Kapiti, Masterton, Upper Hutt, Wanganui East, Silverstream, Horowhenua, Park Avenue, Hataitai, Khandallah.

The meeting closed at 9:20pm.

Beverley Mason