Jacques Cochonnet Trophy - Orginal Rules Proposal

Jacques Cochonnet Trophy/Cup/WhateverÂ…

In the manner of the Ranfurly Shield, this is a continuous challenge competition with the holding of the trophy being the only "prize".

The first holder of the trophy will be decided by draw at the end of the Wellington Singles Tournament on Labour weekend. At this time the order of challenges will also be drawn.

The competition is open to any club or group having more than six players which is affiliated to the Wellington Pétanque Association. New clubs may only enter the competition when a draw of challengers is made or by joining the end of the queue.

All games are played at the holder's home piste or at the piste designated at the start of the competition as a club's home piste. Should the holder be unable or not wish to play at home, the challenger must be given first refusal to host the match before other arrangements are made.

In order to practise all of the disciplines of pétanque, a team will consist of 6 players who will play as a single, a pair and a triple.

To make the competition as even as possible the teams of the holder and the challenger must be drawn by lot for each match from the names of all their available club members. Reserves will only be drawn in the event of a drawn player becoming unavailable. At the start of each match another draw will be held to decide who plays singles, pairs and triples.

Three games will be played in each of the three divisions. One point will be given for each win with a possible top score of nine. This means, for example, that even if a club loses the doubles 2-1 that one point can still help the club to win the challenge. All 9 games must be played.

The club holding the trophy does so until it is beaten in a challenge match. At that point the challenger becomes the holder. It then draws the new order of challenges from all the other clubs, the former holder going to the end of the queue.

Matches may be played at any reasonable time convenient to both holder and challenger. Long summer evenings will make this easier.

Each holder of the trophy is required to play at least one challenge a month. The month being reckoned from the date of the first draw in the first case and from the date of each challenge played thereafter. Should the holder fail to play a challenge within this time without good reason, the trophy goes to the challenger. Should the challenger fail to play, that club goes to the end of the challenge list and the next club in line becomes the challenger.

The draws will be made with marked cochonnets, one for each club in the competition. These will be handed over with the trophy. Notification of these draws and the results of matches are the responsibility of the trophy holder. Teams and dates are to be arranged by each club.

All disputes will go to the WPA. All games will be played to WPA rules but also allow for local changes made necessary perhaps by the size of smaller pistes etc.

The competition should be thought of as being between clubs rather than teams of six and both clubs should be encouraged to make the most of social opportunities. Cheerleaders, mascots, club colours, social games as well as pétanque standards like barbecues and of course a bar are things that come to mind.