WPA Committee Meeting held on Thursday 18 August 2005 at the Silverstream Pétanque Club


Michael Rocks (Chair), Brian Smith (Treasurer)
Hataitai: Peter Dennett, Margret Fleck, Maureen Wood
Horowhenua: see apologies
Kapiti: Kath Alison, Kaye Alison, Graham Hooper, Beverley Mason
Khandallah: Elizabeth Rocks, Roy Zeier
Levin: no representative
Manawatu: no representative
Masterton: no representative
Otaki: Bob Wilde, Shirley Wilde
Park Avenue: Diane Fletcher, Barbara Nicholls, Tommy Werry
Silverstream: Claire Bradburn, Shirley Nesbitt-Miller
Upper Hutt: Fran Beach, Patrick Smith, Alison Zuppicich
Windy Hills: no representative


Nyra Bentley, Bryan Wells (Horowhenua), Gary Brunton (Otaki), Gerald Bryan (Hataitai).

Minutes of 19 May 2005

The minutes of the previous meeting were taken as read. All in favour.

Matters arising

There were no matters arising.




Moved that the Inwards correspondence be received and the Outwards correspondence be confirmed: All in favour.


The financial statements were presented by Brian Smith. Brian Smith presented the financial statement. Membership returns are still coming in. Total numbers will be down on last year.

WPA Events

Events debrief

Winter Doubles

For next year look at including a rain day when setting the dates. Should we remove the requirement to have at least member of the team play each round? Clubs would be free to make up x number of teams. Should we keep the inter-club component of the tournament? Replace trophies with certificates after each round? These points are to be considered for next year's competition. Overall, the tournament was enjoyable.

Upcoming events

Jacques Cochonnet Draw

Levin, Masterton and Windy Hills are not taking part.

The draw for Round 9 is: September 2005 - Hataitai; October - Masterton, November - Upper Hutt, December - Kapiti; February 2006 - Otaki; March - Khandallah (if it loses to Hataitai in the first match of the round, otherwise no match); April - Park Avenue; May - Silverstream; June - Horowhenua.

Additions to Calendar

PNZ Report

General Business

Club Championships

That clubs hold their Singles, Doubles and Triples championships on the same day. The date to be two weeks prior to the respective Regional Championship. Moved Park Avenue.

After some debate, Graham Hooper moved an amendment that two weeks be changed to three weeks. Passed.

After further debate, Graham moved a second amendment that the words whenever possible be added after the same day. Passed.

Horowhenua in their written submission were opposed to the motion. Motion carried 7-1. The changes are to take affect from 2006.

Jacques Cochonnet matches

That Jacques Cochonnet Challenge matches be held on the second Saturday of each month. Moved Brian Smith

Liz Rocks proposed an amendment or otherwise by mutual agreement after each month. This was carried 6-1.

Inter-club Competition

Changes to the Summer Inter-club. Moved Margret Fleck

Margret had received some complaints about the format (too long, too much travelling, too few games). Margret stated that she would circulate clubs with a list of options for discussion at their September meetings. In the meantime, Rounds 1 and 2 were to be removed from the calendar (24 September and 15 October). The intention is to start the Inter-club competition on Round 3.

Winter Doubles

That the Winter Doubles be removed from the 2006 calendar. Moved Margret Fleck

After a long discussion, it was agreed that the motion be held over until the November meeting. This would allow clubs to come up with alternatives to cancelling the Winter Doubles.

World Championship Donation

That the WPA donate $500 to the World Championship Team Travel fund. Moved Brian Smith.

This is in accordance with our practice for the last 2 years. When put to the vote, there were no votes either for or against. On the second time around, the vote was 4-1 in favour with 2 abstentions.

Michael will write to all the clubs to get their feedback on whether a donation will be made.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9:53 p.m.

Michael Rocks
Acting Secretary