Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 26th February 2004 at the Silverstream Pétanque Club


Michael Rocks, Brian Smith, Neil Dykes, Beverley Mason, John Beard, Lindsay Skinner, Fran Beach, Elizabeth Rocks, Roy Zeier, Tony Packer, Kath and Kaye Alison, Graeme Morris, Gerald Bryan, Barbara Nicholls, Iain Baine, Maureen Wood, G. Brunton, B. Wilde, D. Garnham, Shirley McLean, Louise Sligo


Ralph Priddle, Barrie and Ngaere Sinclair, Claire Bradburn, Shirley Nesbitt, Nyra Bentley

Minutes of 2003 AGM

Matters Arising

No matters arising

President's Report

The report was tabled and circulated.

Michael Rocks Brian expressed thanks to Treasurer, Secretary, Patrick Smith and Margaret Fleck. Trophy winners were named and congratulated. Initiatives in coaching and the Memorial Day.

Treasurer's Report

Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2003 circulated by Brian Smith.

Brian commented that the accounts had not been audited as the auditor has been pressed for time lately. Stated that there did not appear to be a legal obligation to have an audit. Alternative means may need to be found.

There is a loss of approximately $1,200 which reflects a quantity of badges being written off. Uniforms have been a large expense item for various events.

Currently the WPA has some 374 affiliated members and this number boosted by entry of new clubs.

Moved by Brian that the accounts be accepted and tabled. Seconded: Roy Zeier.

Election of Officers

As no nominations had been received, Graeme Morris moved that all present officers be returned. Seconded: Iain Baine.

Appointment of Auditor

As the current auditor Peter Whittington, who acts voluntarily for the WPA, has been very busy, Michael Rocks called for a volunteer with the skills from the membership. Duties involve a basic check on accounts. Tony Packer queried that there was no legal requirement to have an auditor based on his experience in a tennis club. Tony also was able to recommend someone who may be able to oblige.

Tournament Entry and Affiliation Fees

Motion put forward by Brian Smith proposing the setting of affiliation fee and tournament entry fees. Consists of 3 components. Seconded: Michael Rocks.


Tony Packer agreed that income does need an increase.

Neil Dykes felt that the proposed $5 rise in the entry fee is too large considering it was just 2 years since the last hike.

Fran Beach expressed view that an increase in entry fees were preferable to a rise in to be raised in preference to affiliation fees.

Gerald Bryan reminded meeting of the fact that members of some clubs already pay high membership fees.

Michael said that pétanque costs compares favourably alongside many other sports and there is provision to adjust if needed.

Graeme Morris expressed support for user pays rather than affiliation increase.

Neil Dykes wondered if it would deter new people from entering and suggested consideration for a first time free entry.

Increases commence with the March Regional Triples.

Motion put to the vote. "That the Entry Fee for all WPA Regional Championships be increased from $10 per person to $15 per person". All in favour. Carried.

Moved that from 2005 the WPA affilation fee will include the $5 P.N.Z. fee to amount to $7 per player. Motion put to the vote. All in favour. Carried.

General Business

There was no general business.

The meeting closed at 8:16 p.m.

Louise Sligo