Minutes of Wellington Pétanque Association Committee Meeting, 26 February 2004


Michael Rocks, Brian Smith, Neil Dykes, Beverley Mason, John Beard, Lindsay Skinner, Fran Beach, Elizabeth Rocks, Roy Zeier, Tony Packer, Kath and Kaye Alison, Graeme Morris, Barbara Nicholls, lain Baine, Maureen Wood, Gary Brunton, Bob Wilde, Louise Sligo


Ralph Priddle, Barrie and Ngaere Sinclair, Claire Bradburn, Shirley Nesbitt, Nyra Bentley, Susan and Dean Norman

Previous Meeting Minutes

That the minutes of the meeting held on 11 December 2003 be accepted. Moved: Michael Rocks, Carried.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising




Financial Reports

Brian presented the 2004 Budget for the WPA with anticipated expenses and income.

Moved by Michael Rocks that the Financial Report be accepted. Seconded by Tony Packer. Carried.


Events debrief

Claire Bradburn has won the Champion of Champions Singles. Trophy mistakenly initially presented to Gordon Dykes. Practice is to take wins into account first, and then points, positive and negative. The tie breaking procedure should be that the player who has beaten the other is ranked higher. The website has stated otherwise. Neil Dykes queries this is the most fair system. Theoretically, someone could win with significantly less points than the other. Agreed that such anomalies could arise.

However, the entry forms and conditions of entry did clearly stipulate the rule. An unfortunate mistake was made on the day. At next events, the procedure will be announced verbally.

Graeme Morris in his personal and independent capacity noted that if the Champion of Champions events seem to contain problems then perhaps they should be reviewed.

Michael Rocks felt the best time to do that would be at the end of the season.

Tony Packer suggested that intra-club competitions be uniformly run. Agreement that the WPA should not interfere with a club's own organisation.

Upcoming events

Brian said that random draws will be used for the Regional Triples. Stressed that entrants should send in just one part of the entry form and retain the other. These are sent in individually rather than through clubs.

Women's Singles tournament to take place on 7 March.

Fran Beach asked if the winner will get a championship shirt. Michael agreed so and that this should be awarded retrospectively. Need to get sizes. May be a prize giving ceremony to present all. Brian thought this occasion could extend to the presentation of trophies.

PNZ Report

PNZ Strategic Plan

“Goal to increase the public profile of organised petanque in New Zealand.”

General Business

Upcoming Events


Brian Smith noted that the last seminar showed the range of player abilities. A squad type approach may be useful to cater for the differing abilities. Bernadette to assist - need would be to have squad compatible with player level.

Next meeting will look at the Strategic Plan goal on Coaching, Officiating structure and programmes.

What do club members want and at what level? What can we offer other clubs? Is anyone willing to act as a coaching co-ordinator? Look for the next meeting agenda.

Louise Sligo