Minutes of 2003 Annual General Meeting held 10th April 2003 at the Silverstream Pétanque Club


Brian Smith, Neil Dykes, Maureen Wood, Tim Lovell-Smith, Claire Bradburn, Gwen Hill, Beverley Mason, John Beard, Anne Cook, Fran Beach, Dawn McCormack, Michael Rocks, Elizabeth Rocks, Roy Zeier, Graeme Morris, Gerald Bryan, Barbara Nicholls, Peter Dennett, Myles Cowper, Margaret Fleck, Iain Baine, Jim Matheson, Allan Moss, Louise Sligo


Ralph Priddle, Lindsay and Helen Skinner, Barrie and Ngaere Sinclair, Tony Packer, Keith Mills.

Minutes of 2002 AGM

Moved: Brian Smith; Seconded: Maureen Wood

Matters Arising

No matters arising.

President's Report

Circulated. Moved by Gerald Bryan that it be accepted as read.

Discussion on President's Report

Brian expressed his hope that his comments had been favourably received.

Gerald Bryan referred to Masterton's Jacques Cochonnet success. Brian commended Masterton on their prowess as a team in this event and thought other clubs would probably only succeed in challenging them by planning as a team in advance.

Peter Dennett thought it beneficial that teams be drawn at random.

Beverley Mason queried Brian's website ideas. Brian remarked on his personal preference for neatness and consistency in appearance and made the comparison with the Christchurch Club website. Thought it could be timely to reappraise since the WPA pays the bills but lacks proper input or control.

Treasurer's Report

Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2002 circulated by Neil Dykes. Neil commented that Income and Expenditure statements previously circulated were a little out of date and an audit is in progress by Peter Whittington.

Neil presented update with alterations. WPA Resource Manual deleted. Affiliation fees received from last year. Slightly ahead in membership. Tournament fees up (more tournaments and competitors). Increase in accumulated funds except for travel fund.

Moved by Brian that the accounts be accepted and tabled. Seconded: Claire Bradburn

Election of Officers


Nomination: Michael Rocks, Moved: Anne Cook, Seconded: Iain Baine
Claire Bradburn moved the nominations be closed.

Michael Rocks duly elected President of the WPA


Nomination: Louise Sligo, Moved: Michael Rocks, Seconded: Elizabeth Rocks
Fran Beach moved the nominations be closed.

Louise Sligo duly elected Secretary of the WPA


Nomination: Brian Smith, Moved: Roy Zeier, Seconded: Fran Beach

Brian Smith duly elected Treasurer of the WPA

Appointment of Auditor

Membership appreciated the work that Peter Whittington has carried out and agreed that he continue as auditor.

WPA Affiliation fee

Moved: 'That the 2002 affiliation fee be set at $2.00 per club member with no cap on the club membership numbers'.
Moved: Brian Smith; Seconded: Graeme Morris

General Business

Two motions submitted by Michael Rocks and distributed.

Motion I

That invitations to the WPA Regional tournaments be extended to members of the Nelson, Marlbourough and Wanganui clubs. In the event that a non-WPA domiciled player/team wins the tournament then the title of WPA champion be awarded to the highest placed Wellington domiciled player/team.

Seconded: Brian Smith


The Wellington region has a strong club base and regional tournament structure. Geographical remoteness is a problem in New Zealand and while players just outside the WPA region have the opportunity to particiapate in their own regional tournaments, they are in fact closer to Wellington than to other parts of their own region.

By allowing players from other areas to play in Wellington we are helping to foster the game outside the Wellington region. In time, it is hoped that a stronger player base will allow an inter region to start.


Graeme Morris reported that Masterton had discussed it but did not support it. Would favour suggestion if it applied to regional or open championship.

Iain Baine reported that Park Avenue favoured the idea in an open championship in summer.

Fran Beach favours an open tournament inviting other and regional clubs.

Peter Dennett supported an open tournament drawn from the central region.

Neil Dykes queried whether the regional demographics could be redrawn by PNZ - at present there are 5 regions set up.

Gerald Bryan saw an anomaly in the motion whereby the winner would need to be a Wellington player.

Brian Smith liked it for its spirit of fostering petanque among areas that do not have the base Wellington has.

Elizabeth Rocks expressed difference between the proposal offering a choice, and an open tournament.

Gerald Bryan suggested consideration could instead be given to an Invitation Tournament.

Comment from Michael Rocks. Suggestion had first been raised at the WPA where it appeared to receive more favourable support. Intent was to encourage more participation from outside the region which has become somewhat solidified. A number of clubs so far do not participate. Restriction only on title for the winner.

Eight clubs represented at the meeting. Put to the vote. 3 in favour, 5 against. Motion lost.

Motion II:

That an annual fixture between the Hawke's Bay and Wellington regions be investigated.

Seconded: Brian Smith


An attempt was made two years ago to set up an inter-regional competition at the Hawke's Bay Summer Doubles. However, a lack of players from north of Rotorua has meant that the event has not been repeated. There is a close link between the two regions and this will help to strengthen it.

In time it may be possible to extend the competition to the Wanganui/Taranaki and even Nelson/Marlborough.


Moved by Neil Dykes that it be supported and investigated.

Michael Rocks stated that it had been moved for the same reasons as above.

Motion put to the vote: 8 clubs and votes in support.

Motion of thanks to the Outgoing Committee

Moved: Claire Bradburn, Seconded: Elizabeth Rocks

Louise Sligo