Minutes of Wellington Pétanque Association Committee Meeting 16 October 2003


Michael Rocks, Brian Smith, Ian Baine, Neil Dykes, Linday Skinner, Kath Alison, Kaye Alison, Fran Beach, Maureen Wood, Roy Zeier, Margret Fleck, Graeme Morris, Barbara Nicholls, Beverley Mason, Claire Bradbum, Louise Sligo.


John Beard, Ralph Priddle, Dean and Susan Norman, Barrie and Ngaere Sinclair.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes of 21 August 2003 be accepted. Moved: Michael Rocks. Carried.

Matters Arising

  1. WPA Website - Michael read letter sent to Peter Ball expressing our thanks for his work as Webmaster, as past President of the WPA and the other contributions he has made to the sport in the region.
  2. Michael had also written to various members with the view of forming The Clash team who had since made a successful visit to Christchurch.
  3. The Jacques Cochonnet trophy draw in July 2004 may be met by the Levin Club and hopefully could be followed by the Otaki club in August




Moved by M. Rocks that the correspondence be accepted. Carried

Treasurer's Report

Brian presented the WPA Budget for 2003. $600.00 is due to be paid by organizers of The Clash. Bank A/c at 30.9.03 - $2661.44. Moved: Michael Rocks. Carried.

WPA Winter Interclub League

Interim results notified. Team for the Inter-Region match against Hawkes Bay would be selected from final result. Ranking list prepared and circulated.

Regional Doubles

Brian expressed gratitude to the Kapiti Club for making up a team to assist regional doubles format. Graeme Morris expressed feedback on the format as being favourable for its randomness and structure. Noted the importance of the points differential in the first round to outcomes should be kept in mind.

Feedback on Winter League and Inter-Club proposal for 2004

Clubs were to discuss these.

General preference for Winter League Doubles to return to club team basis. 2004 dates for doubles are 2nd May, 30th May, 27th June, 25th July

Graeme Morris suggested in the interests of clarity the terms "Winter Doubles" and "Summer League" be used.

Starting date for a summer league probably sometime in September 2004.

Brian would like to look at a scoring system currently used by Rotorua Club as a possible scoring format.


Notified of Peter Ball's resignation and move from the Region. Margaret Fleck volunteered her services as Webmaster. Matters such as input from others to be discussed.

Coaching seminar

Most clubs sent a representative to the seminar. Significant differences in skill levels apparent. Brian and Bernadette in discussion re. merits of coaching according to level of play. Bernadette is soon to provide coaching at Otaki and Levin clubs.

General Business

PNZ Report

WPA Open Triples

Entry forms have been sent out. Can expect teams from outside the region to participate. There will be a limit of 48 teams with prizes to be announced. Hope to make this a special event.

Inter-region match vs. Hawkes Bay

The match will be played at Palmerston North on 7th December with 2 teams of six (from each region) and letters of invitation to be sent.

The Clash

Kath and Kaye Alison reported that from their experience, the Christchurch people were most hospitable and the pistes good. Wellington began and finished well and it was a pleasant experience. For this event in 2004 the qualifying event will be from the winter doubles.

2004 Calendar

To enter the Baine Trophy date for October the 31st


Margaret Fleck had noticed that on publicity information from Rotorua re. attractions set down for Labour Weekend, that events such as the Rock 'n' Roll nationals were advertised, but no mention of the Petanque nationals. Queried whether an information table to publicise the game could be set up there.

Claire Bradbum mentioned Silverstream's quiz night on October 18

Neil Dykes mentioned that what was first Chaffers Park is to be known as Waitangi Park. Neil has spoken to an organizer and will ask Neil to view and comment on the initial design for the petanque area.

Kath Alison passed on a complaint made via the committee about language used on the piste last weekend at Kapiti. Michael will respond to the individual making the complaint.

The Inter-Club cup was won by Khandallah as overall winners and Roy Zeier received this on behalf of the club.

Michael advised that there will be promotion of the rules of pétanque which are not necessarily widely known.

Louise Sligo