Minutes of Wellington Pétanque Association Committee Meeting 19 June 2003


Michael Rocks, Brian Smith, Ian Baine, Brenda Dykes, Neil Dykes, Lmday Skinner, John Beard, Gwen Hill, Fay Doyle, Kath Alison, Kaye Alison, Fran Beach, Maureen Wood, Roy Zeier, Margaret Fleck, Alison Priddle, Ralph Priddle, Anne Cook, Claire Bradburn, Louise Sligo.


Graeme Morris, Barrie and Ngaere Sinclair

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes of 10 April 2003 be accepted. Moved: Michael Rocks. Carried

Matters Arising

Ralph Priddle inquired about the Otaki Club and Brian informed that good pistes were being constructed and membership of the WPA could be anticipated following that.




Moved: Michael Rocks. Carried.

Financial Report

As treasurer, Brian Smith has changed the format of fmancial statements and outlined the changes. The Travel Fund has been replaced as Donations. He presented a budget for 2003. Moved: Michael Rocks. Carried.

WPA Winter Interclub and Winter League Doubles

Brian has drafted the schedule and dates for the next round. A format that seems so far to have been favourably received but with the possibility for future fine tuning.

The Winter Doubles are progressing well and note the next round on 6 July will be held at Park Avenue with assembly at 9:30 for a 10:00 am start. The final round on 3 August will take place at Kapiti.

General Business

NZPA Report

Regional match versus Hawkes Bay

A match is possible in early December. Venues at Palmerston North or Masterton are being considered. Up to 12 from each region may participate. May consider this to take place alongside a general triples tournament.

Petanque Publicity Day

Petanque has a higher profile in Wellington than in Melbourne, but still is largely invisible due to the location of clubs etc. Michael suggested that a day in a year be nominated to publicise the sport. Suggests that a representative from each club should meet to work out the best ways to publicise petanque. Brian wants to make contact with appropriate person re. the Chaffers Park scheme. Brenda Dykes told of a suggestion box in place by the layout of the scheme at the Information booth opposite the Chicago Bar.

Lindsay Skinner told of an enthusiastic Sports Officer at Porirua who organises challenges with local business. Agreed that the interest is out there and the need is to tap into it and raise awareness of existing facilities.

Michael will follow this proposal up with clubs.

Kapiti Open Melee

This will be held on July 19th. All details are on the Net and have been circulated. There is no need to register and entry is $5.00

Jacques Cochonnet Cup

Anne Cook queried whether this programme should continue given the advent of Inter-Club league with increased participation. Consensus was that any such move would be firmly resisted by its founders and supporters! Remains for clubs to individually decide not to participate if that is what they wish.

The Clash

Now scheduled for 27/28 September in Canterbury with funding available of $100 per team member.

The Calendar

Michael and Brian will soon put out a draft calendar for 2004 to allow forward planning. Clubs should refer to this when organising their own events. Thought to be given to including Saturdays for Winter League play. Michael and Brian seek submissions from clubs for inclusion.

Contact list

Contact list is to be updated so that a club delegate will take responsibility for passing on information, the agenda and minutes.

Louise will complete when any changes are advised once all AGMs have been held.

The Website

Roy Zeier would like to see information be more regularly updated. Michael Rocks asks all clubs to review their pages and see what changes may be made to advertising and content details. Fay Doyle suggested that the website could be listed on WPA stationery.

Kapiti Club

Gwen Hill introduced Kath Alison as their new president and Fay Doyle the Club Captain.

Regional Championship Shirts

Fran Beach asked whether yellow championship shirts were still in use. Brian Smith advised that a better quality type had been sourced but instead of pre-purchasing, the shirts would be bought with the appropriate size for the winner in mind.

Louise will be away for the next meeting. Any volunteers for the Sec. job then?

Louise Sligo