Minutes of Wellington Pétanque Association Committee Meeting 10 April 2003


Michael Rocks, Brian Smith, Ian Baine, Neil Dykes, John Beard, Beverley Mason, Gwen Hill, Fran Beach, Maureen Wood, Graeme Morris, Liz Rocks, Roy Zeier, Gerald Bryan, Myles Cowper, Margret Fleck, Allan Moss, Dawn McCormack, Jim Matheson, Tim Lovell-Smith, Claire Bradburn, Peter Dennett, Barbara Nicholls, Anne Cook, Louise Sligo.


Ralph Priddle, Lindsay and Helen Skinner, Bame and Ngaere Sinclair, Tony Packer, Keith Mills

Minutes 13 February 2003

Minutes of 13 February 2003 be accepted. Moved: Brian Smith: Seconded: Tim Lovell-Smith

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.




Financial Report

That the financial report be accepted: Moved: Michael Rocks: Seconded: Brian Smith

Winter Interclub

Winter Doubles

General Business

NZPA Report

Champion of Champions

WPA Women's Singles


Brian Smith commented on Bernadette Lawton's attendance at an Australian coaching seminar. He is hopeful that Bernadette will co-ordinate overall regional coaching. Coaching will be discussed at the PNZ level.

The Clash

Brian replied to Neil Satherley Christchurch proposal, that we should keep to 6 players. Neil had asked that if others wished to go to Christchurch then they would match them with an equal number of their players. No details as yet on any financial support. Meeting agreed to 6 players as selected and with extras to accompany them at member's own option.

Proposal for Wellington Triples Championship 29/30th November

Patrick Smith has received support from Williams and Adams to sponsor the Suzuki Open Triples. Michael Rocks moved that the WPA formally accept the Williams and Adams sponsorship offer and that we notify them of what is proposed. Seconded: Brian Smith

Memorial tournament

Brian conveyed Dirk Winnie's suggestion for a Memorial Tournament to remember the late Ken Doyle, Peter Berrill, Daphne Hendrie, Georgina Morta. The idea that this should be a fixed event with commemorative trophies and have a social aspect. This avoided a potential future problem of finding an event to name after a former player.


Jacques Cochonnet Challenge

Gerald Bryan moved that the Jacques Cochonnet challenge draw be modified for the next round.

If a club retains the trophy by winning all the games in the round then, at the draw for the next round, in addition to the order of the play, a separate draw will be made to determine the venue of play (that is, home or away). Seconded: Peter Dennett

Motion put to the vote. 7 of the clubs were in favour and 1 abstention (Masterton).

2004 National Triples

The WPA has applied to host the 2004 National Triples

Louise Sligo