Minutes of 2002 Annual General Meeting, 7:30pm, 18th April 2002


Brian Smith, Peter Ball, Gerard Pinguet, Daphne Hendrie, Maureen Wood, Shiriey McCauley, Tim Lovell-Smith, Louise Sligo, Peter Berrill, Lindsay Skinner, Gwen Hill, Ken Doyle, Beverley Mason, John Beard, Neil Dykes, Gordon Dykes, Anne Cook, Nan Page, David Page, Colleen Maher, John Mason, Patrick Smith, Han Stevens, Fran Beach, Liz Rocks, Michael Rocks, Roy Zeier, Graeme Morris, Perry Henderson, Dick Henderson.


Manawatu Petanque Club, Ian Baine, Wendy Lloyd, Ralph & Alison Priddle, Brenda Dykes, Lyn & Helen Skinner.

Minutes of 2001 AGM

Moved: Lindsay Skinner; Seconded: Tim Lovell-Smith

Matters arising

No matters arising.

President's Report

Written report presented. Moved: Peter Ball; Seconded: Neil Dykes

Treasurer's Report

Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2001 tabled. Accounts audited by Peter Whittington
Moved: Neil Dykes; Seconded: John Beard

Election of Officers


Peter Ball, Moved: Daphne Hendrie; Seconded: Lindsay Skinner
Brian Smith, Moved: Roy Zeier; Seconded: Neil Dykes
Brian Smith duly elected President
The meeting moved a vote of thanks to Peter Ball for his work as President of the WPA.


Louise Sligo, Moved: Tim Lovell-Smith; Seconded: Beverley Mason
No other nominations received. Louise Sligo duly elected Secretary.


Neil Dykes, Moved: Graeme Morris; Seconded: Patrick Smith
No other nominations received. Neil Dykes duly elected Treasurer.

Appointment of Auditor

Moved: "That Peter Whittington be appointed Auditor of the Wellington Petanque Association accounts".
Moved: Brian Smith; Seconded: Neil Dykes

WPA Affiliation fee

Moved: "That the 2002 affiliation fee be set at $2.00 per club member with no cap on the club membership numbers".
Moved: Brian Smith; Seconded: Gerard Pinguet, Passed

General Business

WPA Constitution

The proposed draft of the WPA Constitution was tabled.


Moved that: "The draft WPA Constitution, with amendments, be accepted as the new WPA Constitution"
Moved: Peter Ball; Seconded: Ken Doyle, Passed

Kapiti Petanque Club Sponsorship

Liz Rocks expressed concern with some aspects of Kapiti's recent sponsorship from the Lion Foundation. Speaking for the Kapiti Pétanque Club Gwen Hill and Nan Page stated that it was Kapiti's business. However they went on to clarify the situation and explain the sponsorship arrangements.

Brian W Smith