Minutes of Wellington Pétanque Association Committee Meeting 5 December 2002


Brian Smith, Ian Baine, Neil Dykes, John Beard, Lindsay Skinner, Beverley Mason, Gwen Hill, Fran Beach, Maureen Wood, Daphne Hendrie, Graeme Morris, Elizabeth Rocks, Michael Rocks, Roy Zeier, Peter Ball, Tim Lovell-Smith, Claire Bradburn, Peter Dennett, Barbara Nicholls, Anne Cook, Louise Sligo.


Barrie and Ngaere Sinclair, Brenda Dykes, Ralph Priddle.

Minutes 17 October 2002

Minutes of 17 October 2002 be accepted. Moved: Brian Smith Seconded: Tim Lovell-Smith

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.




Some discussion from correspondence ensued. Brian explained website article was offensive to some and hence the resultant apology. A range of views were expressed — including the desirability of taking various viewpoints into account.


Financial Report

Bank a/c @ 1.12. 02 General Fund $1,837.94 Travel Fund $739.00
Moved: Neil Dykes, Seconded: Brian Smith


Interclub and Winter League Doubles

Brian outlined format for Interclub and Winter League Doubles. Graeme Morris separated his personal and club's opinions. Merits and perceived restrictions. Supported by Beverley Mason for Kapiti. Gwen and Graeme agreed the Interclub would be good for the top players. Liz Rocks saw difficulties with players not permitted to compete in both events. Brian elaborated on the Winter League Doubles option.

The Clash is to be held in Christchurch next year. Suggested that the first 3 Winter League Doubles will qualify to represent Wellington.

Moved by Graeme Morris: That there be no time limits on Interclub games. Seconded: Daphne Hendrie

Claire Bradburn expressed concern from Silverstream members that division could cause players to remain static in skill levels. Liz and Michael Rocks supported giving opportunity to all players and would be disappointed if existing encouragements were lost. Brian summed up the present position as follows:

  1. That both the Interciub League and Winter Doubles League be established.
  2. That each club enters one team in Interclub League (for 2003)
  3. That time limits be abandoned.
  4. The Winter Doubles League would consist of 3 rounds and a final round.
  5. The Winter Doubles League would finish in August.
  6. The entry fee for both the Interciub League and Winter League Doubles to be $5 per player.
  7. Players permitted to enter both events.

In light of modifications, clubs to discuss the proposal further and be able to state at the next meeting whether a team per club will be entered.

WPA Triples and Training Day

Triples to be held at Park Avenue 15/16 February. Training Day to be at Kapiti on 9 February. Forms and notices to be issued. Entry fee - $10 per player.

Berhampore terrain

Visit made by Pat Robinson and Brian Smith. Site impressive but terrain unsuited to petanque play. Brian contacted WCC re the relaying of the area but met a negative response. View that it needs good metal base and raking but possible it could settle with time. To thank Bill McKay, President of Berhampore Bowling Club for enabling the visit.

Chaffer's Park Terrain

Brenda Dykes suggested that WPA be involved from outset in proposed terrains for Chaffer's Park in Scheme A. Need to signal our interest. Brian to establish best contact.

General Business

NZPA Report

Jacques Cochonnet

Next round draw: April - Porirua; May - Khandallah; June - Hataitai; July - Park Avenue; August - Silverstream; September - Upper Hutt


Louise Sligo