Minutes of Wellington Pétanque Association Committee Meeting 15 August 2002


Brian Smith, Ian Baine, Brenda Dykes, Neil Dykes, John Beard, Lindsay Skinner, Ralph Priddle, David Page, Beverley Mason, Gwen Hill, Fran Beach, Maureen Wood, Graeme Morris, Elizabeth Rocks, Michael Rocks, Roy Zeier, Louise Sligo


Gerard Pinguet, Barrie and Ngaere Sinclair, Tim Lovell-Smith

Minutes 20 June 2002

Minutes of 20 June 2002 be accepted. Moved: Brian Smith Seconded: Ralph Priddle

Matters Arising

The teams from the Wellington and Rotorua regions are to be congratulated on their success in qualifying for the Oceania Championships. They leave on 31.8.02 and with the good wishes of all. In addition, the Palmerston North/Manawatu Club is to be thanked for its well organised motivational and training day in preparation for the Oceania event.





Financial Report

Bank a/c @ 13.8.02 $2,514.54 General Fund $1,989.54 Travel Fund $525.00
Moved: Neil Dykes, Seconded: Brian Smith


Contributions to Wellington Players in the Oceania Championships

Brian had circulated to all clubs two motions.

  1. That the WPA donate from the Travel Fund $200 to each player from the Wellington Region competing at Oceania. The result was that 6 clubs supported the motion; 1 was against; 1 unclear and 1 suggested an alternative.
  2. That the WPA donate the fees from the Doubles Tournament to the players. 7 clubs in favour and 1 against.

Both motions were passed so Wellington players would each receive $200 plus the Doubles entry fee.

Agreed henceforth, protocols in respect of the travel fund should be put in place.

Club Champion of Champions event

Gwen Hill had advised Fay Doyle that Hataitai and Porirua Clubs suggested that this event be named to commemorate Ken Doyle. Brian Smith wondered if the naming should be held in abeyance until it can be assured that this event will remain an ongoing one.

It was resolved by the committee that Ken's name will attach to something bound to continue.

Is the WPA meeting its objectives?

Continuation of discussion.

The Clash

General Business


Calendar Update


Louise Sligo