Minutes of Wellington Pétanque Association Committee Meeting 14 February 2002


Maureen Wood (Hataitai)
Peter Ball, Gwen Hill, Harl Stevens (Kapiti)
Michael Rocks, Neil & Gordon Dykes (Khandallah)
Graeme Morris, Ralph Priddle (Masterton)
Anne Cook, Ian Baine (Park Avenue)
Lindsay Skinner, John Beard (Porirua)
Tim Lovell-Smith, Barry Sarney (Silverstream)
Brian Smith, Fran Beach (Upper Hutt)


Peter Berrill (Silverstream), Brenda Dykes (Khandallah), Gerard Pinguet (Wellington), Manawatu Pétanque Club

Minutes 29 November 2001

Moved that the minutes of 29.11.01 be accepted. Moved: Lindsay Skinner Seconded: Fran Beach

Matters Arising

Response to Jan McHardy

Provision of scoreboards at WPA Championships. Medals have been presented to the 2nd placed team in the Bowl (2001 WPA Doubles Championship)


Financial Report

Report tabled. Current Assets (cash): $3,089.00. Moved that the Financial Report accepted. Moved: Neil Dykes Seconded: Ian Baine

Constitution Sub Committee

Draft constitution tabled.

A list of suggested changes submitted by Louise Sligo. Agreed to makes changes if appropriate.

Suggested change of name from Wellington Pétanque Assocition Inc to Pétanque Wellington Inc (Brenda). Meeting felt the initials WPA was in current use and acceptable. Agreed to a sentence being added to Clause (1) in the Constitution saying that the name Pétanque Wellington would be used in the marketing or branding of the Association.

Clause (5) Admission of Members: Moved: 'That Associate Membership be retained in the Constitution'
Moved: Peter Ball, Seconded: Brian Smith. Passed

Clause (15a) Procedure at Meetings: Meeting agreed that voting at all general meetings shall be on the basis of one vote per club.

Clause (16) Quorums: Moved: 'That the minimum representation of clubs should be changed from 4 to 50%'
Moved: Ian Baine, Seconded: Ralph Priddle. Passed

The final draft of the Constitution to be prepared for presenting at the AGM.

WPA Women's Singles Tournament

This year's tournament was very successful. Attracted 32 entries. Next year the tournament will be limited to 32 entries.

WPA Championships

  1. WPA 2002 Triples Championships to be held at Park Avenue.
  2. Agreed to change in format of all the WPA Championships. Replace Bowl with a series of Consolations.
  3. No playoff for 3rd & 4th. Declare both teams 3rd equal. Award same seeding points to both players/teams.
  4. Agreed to standardise the awarding of trophies. Trophies will be now awarded as follows: Championship 1st & 2nd; Plate 1st & 2nd; Consolations 1st
  5. Agreed to standardise Trophy design and incorporate the WPA logo. Brian to investigate.
  6. Tournament Protocols. Add clause "vary by agreement with the WPA and the host club".

2002 AGM

To be on the 18th April 2002 before the normal WPA Committee Meeting.

General Business

  1. WPA Calendar updated.
  2. Champion of Champion Singles (9.2.02). Held at Porirua. Five Club Champions entered. Won by Neil Dykes (Khandallah).
Brian Smith