Minutes of Committee Meeting, 7:30pm, 17 August 2000


Daphne Hendrie, Janet Partridge (Hataitai)
Fay Doyle, Rex Hayes (Kapiti)
Michael Rocks, Norman, Neil Dykes (Khandallah)
Barbara Whittington (Park Avenue)
Lindsay Skinner, John Beard (Porirua)
Tim Lovell-Smith (Silverstream)
Brian Smith (Upper Hutt)


Dirk Winnie (Upper Hutt), Graeme Morris, Ralph Priddle (Masterton), Brenda Dykes (Khandallah), Lyn Skinner (Porinia), Gerard Pinguet (Wellington)

Minutes 15 June 2000

Moved: Lindsay Seconded: Daphne

Matters Arising


Financial Report

Report tabled of current financial position

WPA Singles Championship (7 & 8 October) & NZPA Singles Championship (21 & 22 October)

The meeting agreed that the same venue should be used for both the WPA Singles and the NZPA Singles. Three venues were put to the meeting: Clareville, Park Avenue and Kapiti. A vote was taken to determine the venue. Seven clubs were represented.

Result of vote: Clareville 0, Park Avenue 3, Kapiti 4. Therefore, the venue for the WPA Singles and the NZPA singles is Kapiti.

WPA Singles Championship. Entry Fee $10 00 per player. Registration by Saturday 30th September

WPA Doubles Championship

Venue is Park Avenue

NZPA Report

The NZPA Committee is holding a two day meeting on the 19th & 20th August at the Khandallah Bowling Club.

General Business

Jacques Cochonnet Challenge

Should the holder of the trophy at the beginrnng of the round get a challenge at the end of the round?

Lindsay put the following motion to the meeting: "That the holder of the Jacques Cochonnet Trophy at the beginning of the round will not get a challenge at the end of the round" Moved Lindsay Seconded Barbara Passed

2002 Oceania Championships

In 2002 it could be New Zealand's turn to hold the Oceania Championships. It was agreed that the WPA should apply to the NZPA to hold the championships.


Fay suggested that teams should be encouraged to wear the same coloured shirt or top.

WPA Interclub Doubles

Agreed there were some problems with the Interclub Doubles format. A new format to be drawn for next year.

Media Publicity

Liz Rocks spoke to INL Newspapers. The Sports Editor of The Evening Post was not interested. He thought pétanque was a recreation!!!

Club Reports

Brian W Smith