Minutes of Committee Meeting, 7:30pm, 9 October 1997


Phil Doyle (Hataitai)
Peter Ball (Kapiti)
Neil & Brenda Dykes (Khandallah)
Don Pettett & Dawn Stanley (Lower Hutt)
Ralph Priddle & Graeme Morris (Masterton)
Trevor Smith (Porirua)
Alex McKenzie (Seatoun)
Leon Crosse (Silverstream)
Brian Smith (Upper Hutt)
Gerard Pinguet (Wellington)

The WPA Committee welcomed Alex McKenzie (Seatoun Pétanque) to the meeting. There are now 10 clubs in the Wellington region.


Gary Wilson (Masterton), Helen Ball (Kapiti).

WestpacTrust Games Sunday 12th October, Park Avenue

Interclub Triples: Playoffs and prizes

Hawkes Bay Classic, Labour weekend

Entries close 20.10.97

WPA Internet Home Page

Peter Ball discussed his proposal for putting the WPA and Clubs on the Internet. Meeting agreed to go ahead. WPA to pay costs etc.

Proposed Interclub competition for 1998.

Brian outlined the proposal

Event calendar

Calendar updated. To be sent out ASAP. Calendar to be dated.

General Business


Gerard raised the question of tournament umpires or arbitors to quickly sort out rule interpretations and stop disputes etc. Gerard, Brian and Leon were nominated by the meeting. They will arbitrate at tournaments and interclub competitions. Meeting agreed that some tution on the rules would be valuable. Sessions to be organised.

Loan of boule

Don to borrow boule for Park Avenue's Open Day 9.11.97.
Graeme to borrow boule for school tournament.

Brian W Smith