Rules of the Wellington Petanque Association Incorporated

  1. The name of the Association shall be "Wellington Petanque Association Incorporated".
  2. Registered Office

    The registered office of the Association shall be at the postal address of the Secretary of the Association serving at the time.
  3. Objects

    The object of the Association shall be to encourage and develop the game of Petanque
  4. Membership

    1. Association membership shall be open to people of all ages
    2. The Association may consist of Ordinary Members, Life Members and Honorary Members
  5. Admission of Members

    1. Membership of the association shall be by completing an approved application form and by payment of current membership fees
    2. Members may be admitted as Life Members of the Association for meritorious service in the interest of Petanque. Candidates for Life Membership shall be recommended by the Committee to the members for admission at an Annual General Meeting of the Association and their admission shall be by vote of the members
    3. Admission of Honorary Members shall be by vote of the Committee. Honorary Members shall take no part in the management of the Association but may attend its outings and meetings.
  6. Termination of Membership

    1. A member may resign their membership by giving to the Secretary notice in writing to that affect. Termination of membership will follow after six months of the new financial year if due fees are not paid following a second demand notice
    2. The Committee may at any time by letter, invite a Member to retire from membership for any form of misconduct that is detrimental to the Association and in default of such retirement expel a member at a metting of the Committee
    3. Every person shall upon ceasing to be a member of the Association forfeit all right to and claim upon the Association and its property
  7. Subscription

    The Annual Subscription shall be such sums as shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting in each year and paid at the time of making application for membership anter paid annually by a date fixed by the Committee
  8. Management Committee

    The entire management of the Association (except as otherwise provided by these rules) shall be deputised to a Committee consisting of the President, Secretary, Treasurer and a minimum of four elected committee members. An appointed member shall continue to hold office until they vacate their office or are replaced by the Association at an AGM or special meeting. The committee may from time to time co-op members to the committee for specific tasks
  9. Common Seal

    The Committee shall forthwith provide a Common seal for the Association and they shall have power from time to time to destroy the same and substitute a new seal in lieu thereof. The Common Seal shall be in the custody and under control of the Secretary who shall affix the same to all instruments requiring the same but only in pusuance of a resolution of the Committee to that effect
  10. By-laws

    The Committee shall from time to time make, repeal and amend such by-laws and regulations (not inconsistent with these rules) as they shall think expedient for the internal management and well being of the Association
  11. Annual General Meeting

    1. The Annual General Meeting of the Association hall be held no later than June 30th in each year upon a date and time to be fixed by the Committee for the following purposes
      1. To receive from the Committee a Report, Balamce sheet and Statement of accounts for the preceding financial year
      2. To elect the Officers and the Committee and to appoint an Auditor for the ensuing year
      3. To decide on any motion which may be duly submitted to the meeting
      4. To determine the annual subscription for the forthcoming year
      5. To discuss any matters of general business
    2. Any member desirous of submitting any motion in terms of Rule 17 at the Annual General Meeting shall give notice thereof in writing to the Secretary not less than four weeks before the date of such meeting
  12. Notice to be given of Annual and Special General Meetings

    Fourteen days at least before the Annual General Meeting or any Special General Meeting, a notice of such meeting and of the business of which notice has been given shall be delivered to each member
  13. Procedure at Meetings

    At all general meetings of the association the President or in that persons absence a member of the Committee, shall take teh Chair. Every ordinary member or life Member present shall be entitled to onne vote upon every motion and in case of an equality of votes the Chair shall have a second or casting vote. The committee shall be empowered, if it thinks fit, to make regulations for enabling members unable to be present to vote by proxy or in writing. For the purpose of voting, for the election of officiers, family membership includes both spouses, and children over sixteen
  14. Quorums

    The quorum at all meetings of the Association shall be ten and at all meetings of the Committee, four
  15. Voting

    The voting at all meetings, including meetings of the Committee shall be in the first instance by voice provided that if not less than two members shall so demand voting shall be by show of hands. Provided also that if not less than two members shall so demand voting, shall be by secret ballot
  16. Interpretaion of Rules

    The Committee is the sole authority for teh interpretation of these rules and of the By-laws and Regulations made thereunder and the decision of the Committee upon any question of interpretation or upon any matter affecting the Association and not provided for by the By-laws and Regulations made to hereunder shall be final and binding on the members
  17. Alteration to Rules

    These Rules may be added to, repealed, or amended by resolution of which notice has been given in terms of Rule 11B any Annual or Special Meeting provided that no such resolution shall be a demand to have been passed unless it be carried by a majority of at least two thirds of the members voting thereon
  18. Control of Funds

    The control and investment of the funds of the Association shall be with the Committee. Banking operations on the Association's account shall be carried on by the Treasurer and all chaeques drawn on or withdrawals from Association funds shall be operated upon under the signature of the Treasurer countersigned by one other member of the Committee
  19. Indemnity

    The Association shall not be liable to any person for injuries or damage resulting from activities or neglect of the Association or any of its members
  20. Winding Up

    The property of the Association in the event of winding up shall be disposed of by the Committee as it, in its discretion, thinks fit for the benefit of the game of Petanque